The meetings are held on the evening of the first Tuesday in each month. "When admitted, he was unable to hold his head erect; chin directed downwards, and slightly towards the left breast. No fracture of the skull was appreciable until the scalp had been reflected, when a linear fracture was found, extending from the parietal eminence down to the base of the skull. The improvement is manifested with striking constancy whatever method of administration is adopted, whether by subcutaneous injection, as advocated by Murray of Newcastle; by feeding with the raw gland, as recommended by Dr. Everything which we have learned is deposited in the brain, especially in the gray substance. She had frequent flushings, and for months no menstruation. AniDiig used in the full light of day. Now and then it will be necessary to restrain a have chopped food, or it must be so managed that he can only pick it up little by little. The author of the paper was inclined to believe, admitting that diet probably played an important part, that codeia must also be given a very important place in the treatment of the disease. Relating to the Gardi'tie capsule exter'na seu sero'sa seu membrano'sa, Exocardi'tis, Infiamma'tion of the pericardium, (F.) Pericardite, Inflammation du Periearde. Nothing is so much needed just now as the rise in our midst of a stern and uncompromising apostle of sincerity in all its forms, who will not hesitate, at any bidding, to denounce wrong-doing and untruthfulness, let who may be the offender. Sir Charles Bell's Theory of the Nervous Sir Charles Bell's theory of the nervous system is of so recent a date, comparatively speaking, that its traces have not entirely disappeared from our nomenclature.

In withdrawing the catheter, the urine continued to flow from it until about five inches of the catheter remained, when it ceased abruptly. The angle which these tWO bone- form at the anterior part has i ecu called the Prom'ontoifi of cap the Sacrum, or the Saero-vertebral Angle.

Extravasation from rupture of the lateral sinus we have seen once only occasioned by external injury of the The influence of the morbid state of the arterial tissues of the brain, which has occupied the attention of Morgagni, Vater, Scarpa, Blane, Baillie, Hodgson, Howship, Bouillaud, and Serres, receives also a portion of attention from Dr. With cold, and has a livid circle round the side; still he can raise it to his head, but wrench,, or some unobserved casualty he had sustained.


Compression was continued four nights and three days. He who would know anything thoroughly must be content to be ignorant of many things.

We have concluded, in our present Number, the article on the Black Death of the Fourteenth Century; we have devoted more space to it than we had intended, but we think our readers will be amply repaid by its perusal. Of discovering sprain is to put the limb in the situation it Was at the time of the accident, and gradually and carefully to bend the joint in the same way. In milking, grasp the teats by the upper portion, and, diagonally; that is, one fore and one hind teat on opposite sides. If the patient desires substances best that are not eatable or noxious, it constitutes Pica, Pisso'sis, Pitto'sis, pregnancy it is common, and is termed Longing. Pleurisy has also heen distinguished into dry and humid, according as "uses" it is or is not accompanied liy expectoration. About the third or fourth day from the first attack of fever, little red spots are observed, sometimes singly, at other times more in clusters, which continue to increase in size and number, rising into vesicles filled with a clear and transparent fluid, which, by the eighth or ninth day, is converted into a thick yellow matter; after this they begin to flatten, and the covering looks shrivelled, they break and discharge in crusts. Sapo Mollis, Common or Soft Soap, S. Gas shells bothered us for about an hour, but by using masks we were able to' carry on.' A German medical officer, who was taken prisoner, wanted to help me, but there was no room inside, so I sent him to look after some of his fellow countrymen who were lying outside in the rain and snow, as were many of our own chaps. Bestace-q - the berries Avere supposed, by the ancients, to have an emetic and purgative quality; and a watery extract was made from tnem, sailed by Quercetanus Esetrmehtm pnrgant. Grosskopff found him still unconscious, face pale, the whole body icy cold, the pulse small and frequent, the breathing superficial and accelerated. It is easy, however, for the anatomist to show, that inflammation commencing in the synovial sheath of these tendons, must, anatomically speaking, if not subsiding spontaneously, or checked by art, pass speedily to the periosteum of the phalanx, or the articular capsule, to which it intimately adheres.

For there may be much diversity of opinion, concerning speculative points, with perfect agreement in those modes of practice, which are founded not on hypothesis, but on experience and observation.

Tt should be kept in as long as the when disturbed by the drainage removal is thus prevented from entering the trachea.