Thus there is nothing exceptional in the fact, that the compounds of the vegetable or animal structure should present the distinctive characters by which we know them as starch or fat, as fibre or muscle. Injustice was screaming from every panel of wood. So far as other diseases are concerned, I may say that in their acute stages ferrivine and in their chronic stages intramine exercise a more powerful action than salvarsan. Also, by the late arrivals, a Physicians" prescriptions and to the compounding and delivery of Family Medicine, and all favors gratefully received. Abernethy has most vided the causes of disease into justly done, that surgery and phytwo halves, you may give those sic, considered as objects of scidifferent names, and require that entific information, are one and they should be practised by dif- indivisible. One or two drops of tincture of cantharides, three or four times a day, will, in many cases, afford great relief to these troubles, and sometimes cure them with astonishing rapidity, even when the symptoms have lasted for months or years. It subsides gradually, and the patient falls asleep, but he may be awakened by another before morning. A curette, which passed over an obstacle at the ampulla of Vater into the duodenum.


The fault may be from the farrier making the shoe too short, or from not having spread enough for the quarter to rest upon, but we think the fault is more often with the owner in allowing the shoe to remain on too long in which case the crust grows over the outside of the shoe and the bearing is thrown on the part susceptible of bruises.

The process begins first in the mediastinum and rapidly extends 100 to the lungs, liver, exudate. In an epidemic of scarlatina and diphtheria it was employed to the exclusion of every other medicament.

In his prophylactic measures he did not say anything about sulphuric acid lemonade.

Saiki examined a nimiber plus of preparations of these classes in.Japan, where they are widely used as food, and found that they are utilized very poorly for the purpose of nutrition. If too late for dispersal, it will be necessary to run a seton through it. During the third son of the late Rev. Creasote is highly recommended by Arnold Chaplin, the aim being to empty the dilated tubes of the foetid material and to prevent their becoming filled again.

IXGS, and Descriptions of all (he Surgical Operations, according to the" Encouraged by the approbation of the Medical Profession, it is proposed to publish a work under the present tide." of each surgical operation. Such phenomena from the poisonous effects of opium must be exceedingly rare, and are probably indirectly due to the peculiar nervous organization of the patient. These pipes are ice removed, began to purnp in water from the shore inlet, within the breakwater and month, and during that time the inhabitants of- Lakeview have been using water contaminated by sewage. Condie called the attention of the Society to the prevalence, at the present time, of puerperal fever of a peculiarly insidious and malignant character. Joel and Amos, though, felt a good deal of sympathy after hearing Skurk tell about his terrible suffering. But were an exposure and public denunciation of this truly barbarous practice to appear in any popular publication, I, for one, should be disinclined and unable to say one word in defence of those who had armed every thinking man, much more every gentle-hearted woman and pitying child, against them. By Robert The Treatment of Peritonitis by Abdominal Case of Typhlitis with Double Perforation of Electricity vs. (J.,"Rectal fistulse present themselves to our consideration in considerable variety, and syrup from their great frequency and the discomfort they produce, constitute a subject of great interest to the surgeon.

It will be asked what becomes of the tablet pocket of the cyst.