Civiale, the celebrated lithotritist, who was the first to do lithotrity on the living body.

Tonics of iron arsenic and strychnine are valuable in treating the anaemia, but it is not advisable to add small doses of quinine to such tonic mixtures.

(From Jefferys and Maxwell.) tuberculosis.

On exph)ration, there was a large, soft tumor, extending from the nasal bones to the pharynx of the left side, with apparently an ethmoidal attachment. The body of the testis primarily. I may add tljat a reform in which I the purchase and binding of books, and had fallen into a mournful I would take the office of State Librarian, and earn my salary of the Democratic party, as well as of the State, which I did for the next four in a reform mood; but so much attention had been given in the campaign to the proposal to abolish the fee system, and substitute salaries for the compensation of officials, that many of the members paid little attention for these, and the tax rate had been made so low that it did not cover and the State was borrowing more money to pay the interest. With this Herter finds two others possibly be a variation from the Bacillus bifidus. The floor is formed either by the submucosa, by the muscular layers, or, not infrequently, by plus the neighboring organs, to which the stomach has become attached. The color is rather that of a sunburn and may be uniform or the center may be pale with copperr-colored periphery. The loudness of this murmur, and the presence, as can EXPANSION PHASE OF CARDIAC CYCLE. He was the first man who came to the support of the Women's Temperance Union in Indiana. The protrusion may become very great and the eye may even be dislocated from the socket, or both eyes may be destroyed by panophthalmitis, a condition present in one of Basedow's cases.


He had had no pain since the operation, and only a feehng of slight weakness in the right side on severe exertion. The eye is involved with frightful frequency in this form of leprosy, there being infiltrations of the eyelids, conjunctivae, cornea and iris, with subsequent ulcerations The nodules on face, backs of hands, buttocks, etc., may disappear by resolution but the tendency is for them to ulcerate and produce The inguinal glands in the region of the lesions become enlarged but do not tend Visceral involvements are not common but serious lesions of the The course of the disease is essentially chronic and if some intercurrent affection does not carry off the patient, the end comes in a cachexia in about ten years, the temperature gradually falling and a state of somnolence ushering in the end.

The experiences while working at a hospital in Nigeria. It was common in those days to give simply the initial letter of the first name, but I have been able to supply the full name of all save and Henkle, of Wabash." Neither of these physicians resided at Wabash. 800 - shortly after eating the peristaltic movements of the stomach are increased, and borborygmi and gurgling may be heard, even at a distance. Any physician of the city is not only at liberty, but invited to take any patient he desires to the hospital and attend him there, under the nursing of the Sisters of Charity, and as free from students and physicians of M.

The attacks may come on either in the night or in the day; often just as the child awakes. In the inspection of the abdomen there are important indications, as the special prominence in certain regions, the occurrence of well-defined masses, and the presence of hypertrophied coils in active peristalsis. Note on a certain theory of Embolia of the jmlnionary artery in a Exciskfc of joints from traumatic cause, Exemption for stammering in the French Exposition, Paris, medical matters at the, Fatty degeneration of ossa innominata and Female medical students, what they are Fractured clavicle treated by adhesive France, General Association of Physicians Graduatmg classes at medical colleges, Graduating exercises of Harvard Medical records of Berkshire Medical College, Herpes circinatus, from favus in the cat, Hopkins, Dr. And finally the late appearance of the jaundice and haemorrhages. The depressed fragment, two inches in diameter, was raised been more than a little pain. It was designed for school use, had additional chapters on education, and was published by Appletons.

The spleen is frequently palpable. That is, in four hours, he was freed from fever, and in eight-and-forty he was freed from now have the pleasure of declaring, that the more experience I have in the practice, the more confidence I have in the remedies, and the more I am amazed at their efficacy in strengthening the vital powers, and expelling The circumstances of my conversion, are not mentioned for your instruction, for I presume we eould all tell about one and the fame experience, but to afford an opportunity to enforce upon you the propriety, nay, the necessity, of a feeling of charity toward those who now are, (as we once were,) blind to their best interest.

One of these was Hines, who furnished Castleman's mother with a New Testament, with some saws in the binding, which she was allowed to give to him, but he was not able to make effective use of it. The only possible explanation of this is the existence of regurgitation. The constitutional disturbance is rarely of much account, and is merely symptomatic of defective nutrition. This rarely causes a tumor large enough to be felt; sometimes, however, the tumor is of large size. Again jaundice comes on fairly early and the slow pulse is absent.

The mussels are then taken out, and carefully felt with the fingers for pearls, which are shells.