Maniacal fwoi- seems suddenly to develop, and the patient throws himself or his limbs in every direction, rolls his eyes, strikes right and left, and cries out at the top of his voice. And proves her self-forgetful womanhood. Liable may be mentioned tablet carelessness, uncleanliness, improper dressing" of sores, feeble constitution and bad habits. The same author, in his recent work, considers there is in no doubt that many subacute and chronic cases, which have been described as atrophic siMnal paralysis, are peripheral, not central, in their nature, and are cases of multiple neuritis. ADHESIVE PLASTER, STRAPS AND STRAPPING As many of the uses of adhesive plaster are so important, it is thought best to devote a chapter of minor surgery to a detailed consideration of its various applications. Examination showed hindi the presence of a left tubal pregnancy. In cases of neuralgia from depression of the nervous system it is most excellent. The meat is cut in small pieces and the bones thoroughly cracked, and all placed in cold water in a covered pot which shquld simmer slowly and be frequently skimmed. When formed bj decomposition after death, the gas ii usually seated in the interlobular tissue when generated by gangrene, in the."sub pleural tissue; and when cxtravasatec from the air-vesicles, it commonly occu Air extravasated into the connective tissue of the lung occasionally finds its way into the posterior mediastinum, anc Rupture of the normal air-vesicles maj be the result of injury inflicted from without, or of the pressure of the air on theii inner surface during violent expiratorj eflbrts made when the glottis is closed, e.

In all these cases the darkness of the shades of course is determined by the quantity of coloring used.

The same dressings were repeated in the evening; there is still a quantity of pus at the bottom of the wound, which rises and falls at each inspiration and expiration: it continues to contract above, leaving us uncertain of its extent beneath: during the last three days, the patient has set up for several Wound was again dressed, and is as healthy as usual; suppuration just sufficient to moisten the lint: the same dressings night, and is as well as usual; complains of soreness of the ulcer which he has had for some time between his shoulders; it is improving in its appearance, and is directed to be dressed as usual with Ung. The same precautions must be observed as in ether anesthetic, remembering that while ether is a heart stimulant chloroform is a heart depressant and that the great danger with chloroform is heart A few drops of chloroform are placed on the inhaler, which is at first held some distance from the mouth and gradually approached, but never brought close enough to exclude the air. When syrup two and a half years old she had an attack of measles, followed by sore eyes. They emphasize the point with which I began, namely, that in medical practice the question of convalescence is cold sadly neglected. The liver is medicine the largest gla?iclular organ in the body and ordinarily weighs about fifty or sixty ounces. A good combination is: to be taken in divided doses during the In chronic Bright's disease the bitartrate and acetate are valuable; also in In oedema of heart disease the bitartrate or acetate may be used in the form The members of this group are useful in the treatment of uric-acid calculi. The frequent cure of acute idiopathic pleurisy does not disprove its tuberculous nature, for it is the most curable of the tuberculoses of the was a forerunner there was a more or less clear family history of phthisis in between the pleurisy and the diagnosis percentage sufiQeiently high to justify Penzoldt's dictum that pleurisy should always raise the suspicion of tuberculosis.

No joint, however, is immune, and even those which ordinarily escape during the course of rheumatic fever, as, for instance, the articulations of the jaws and the neck, may be attacked by the gonorrhoeal arthritis. But our city friends must not forget that in these days of rail roads and telegraphic communication," many run to and fro and knowledge is increased." Steam and lightning are famous levellers.

In most cases it is thin and may be easily broken, while in other cases it is very firm and sometimes almost fibrous in its nature. Sometimes the use of nitroglycerin seems to be great, as shown by cyanosis, dyspnoea, rapidity of breathing, short, there is no measure so useful as the inhalation of oxygen. In functional inactivity of the liver the In lithsemia and in disorders of the urinary secretions the citrate or bitartrate may be used. In many cases of tobacco amblyopia, there is a history of alcoholic excess, but its production by alcohol alone is not well established.

The appetite is likewise mostly deficient; the natural functions in disorder; and sleep, interrupted or entirely disturbed, and languor and debility take possession of may become altered in two directions, being either increased or diminished in bulk.