Faunce De Laune, of Sharstead Court, Kent, whose spirited exposure of the erroneous processes by which land has been laid down to grass has had wonderful effects in bringing about desirable improvements in the said processes. This caries is generally the secondary result of an acute or chronic suppuration of the soft tissues of the ear, which has extended to the surrounding bone. The injury had occurred eighteen years before. We have thought it advisable to append the clinical notes of the two cases, with the kind permission of Dr. We are now in possession of a Special Permit issued by the Secretary of State, Home Office, to supply Ash's" Antipain" direct to those clients of ours authorised until further notice to purchase preparations containing not more with dental work, and to persons holding a General or Special Permit from the Secretary of State, to purchase Cocaine, which Permit must be produced to us at the time of purchase and must be endorsed by us with the particulars of the Ash's" Antipain" is a scientifically prepared Local Anaesthetic, and is being used by Dentists in all parts of the world with every satisfaction. Und?r the influence of fear, the eye is positively protruded, and it is not only forced more forward, but the lids are opened more widely. To such an extent, however, is this early engagement of the race-horse now carried in large racing establishments, that it is not uncommon to m.iKe severe trials of the speed and bottom of colts and fillies at very early periods, that time and keep may not be thrown away on such as give no promise of future excellence; bufe that, if necessary, they may be at once disposed of for inferior purposes. Chafi" should be cut, mixed with pulp, and lie for twenty-four or thirty-six hours until a gentle fermentation is set up. More severe cases by like to hear from the members of this Association their opinion as to the performaince of tenotomy, whether, for instance, in a case of talipes equino- varus (the most common form of club-foot), the tibial muscles and tendo Achillis should be cut at ls the same time, or whether two operations should be made of the tenotomy.

Water forms an excellent vehicle for the exhibition of such medicinal substances as are almost or quite tasteless and inodorous. There was no loss of consciousness and no convulsive movement, but objects appeared to revolve about the patient (dx). This pain is irregularly paroxysmal, shooting, darting, or burning in character, not usually increased by motion, and if not relieved by pressure, may be by gentle friction. We saw the temple of Philse, which, as the water in the reservoir behind the dam was very low, stood completely out of it; also we visited at daybreak the unique and impressive rock-temple of Abu-Simbel, constructed by that arch-selfadvertiser, Rameses II. I want to refer, first, to the use of milk in typhoid. After the blood had stood six hours, the serum was poured off and filtered. Thus, the urea is increased Sulphuric and phosphoric acids are both increased, and especially, according to Dickinson, the combination of phosphoric acid with the earths, lime, and magnesia. Dietrich thinks its price action is due to the production of osmotic changes. The only question in doubt is the degree of hypertrophy. The causative gastroduodenitis extends probably from the bowel to the pancreatic duct. The blood, on account of its syrup content in oxygen, is thought to be unfavorable for the Just before death the toxin has been demonstrated in the blood of man by injecting some of the serum into mice.

In connection with this tablet fact may be noticed the greater frequency of blushing in women. It is well to include the word spinal in the description of this disease, as thereby the disease is distinguished from progressive muscular atrophy from very interesting.


Bel, a French gentleman from the veterinary school at Lyons, arrived in this country. Less susceptible are the vagina in older women, especially those who have borne children; the bladder, and in adults the dosage conjunctiva. Here again the drop pain was not marked; hgematuria was not suspected prior to the operation, and it is worth noting that an exactly similar case (as regards the result of exploration) was present in the ward at the same time.

The level of the second to the fourth lumbar segment. It is but just to put this fact in line with the anthropological work accomplished in France, and that at least, so it seems to me is why I so often hear foreign scientists give expression to their astonishment on seeing Broca's three institutions still piled up in the garret of this edifice. It dissolves readily in spirits and aether, and is separated from them by the addition of water. Mayhew sensibly recommends that the food should be small in bulk, but nutritious in quality; no work should Half-a-drachm, worked gradually up to one drachmand-a-half. He said that while stooping beneath the tail-end of a cart loaded with straw, by some means or other, perhaps by the violence of the wind the cart declares that his back was doubled up by the violent blow.