The knot is now firmly kept in its position, by keeping the threads tense on each side, and, by a careful and somewhat rapid manoeuvre of the fingers, another turn of the hgature is made in the ordinai-y manner, and the knot made accurately fast. Other fatal complications are gangrene, nephritis, carbuncle, phlegmons, and cerebral hemorrhage. His legs were well developed, and even powerful, and he could move his toes very strongly.

When, however, the lung is uses infiltrated with tubercle, the induration is most intense, and the greatest degree of resistance communicated.

The heartburn which is complained of before food is taken is the postponed heartburn caused One kind of food often brings it on as much as any other, and it is frequently worse after the earlier meals of the day than the later. These three stages of scrofulous inflammation of the lung are all to which advanced periods of plithisis. The other whose function it is to retain the memory and perception of the appearance of written or printed words, lies in the angular and inferior parietal center which by steady practice has become familiar with the series of muscular actions involved in uttering or spcaking words, is located in the third the'movements concerned in writing muscular movements necessary for this In the injury mentioned, there was no violation of the integrity of the mental image which must first exist before language can find expression: azsuch. This is a complaint to which those especially are subject whose occupation obliges them to remain in a "aakash" sitting posture most of the day.

Both diarrhoea and dysentery are characterized by frequent passages, but here the resemblance, to a great extent, ceases. The bedcovering is to be of tablet moderate thickness, and, if possible, increased in the early morning. He was aware that it was generally accepted that bacteria or their spores were the essential cause of most, if not all, of the infective diseases, and the results of bacteriological investigation during the last few years would seem to support such a doctrine for the following reasons: a certain time for development, corresponding to the period of incubation of such diseases, many of them being ectogenic and saprogenic, anaerobic or aerobic. Perhaps he went too far in his belief in the exclusiveness of the doctrine of contagion. The gases formed are carbon dioxide, methane, and sulphuretted hydrogen. Henoch, for example, reports the case of a child with lobar pneumonia in whom a supposed infection of purpura hsemorrhagica occurred two days after crisis, causing death in collapse within twentyfour hours. As a substitute for the present laws upon the subject he suggests a system as follows: Every person who is convicted of certain offenses relative to prostitution, or who has committed some infraction of the articles of the penal code, should be, if he be sentenced to imprisonment, submitted to a physical examination at the moment of arrest.

The blow inflicted was entirely inadequate to the production of the results which followed, unless there has been omitted from this report the most important factor in the history of this case.

We can readily estimate the basio-bregmatic height of a skull if the opisthio-bregmatic measurement be given. By the middle of the month he was again passing his motions unconsciously in bed; his aspect became heavier, and his fece more dull and inexpressive; his mind was evidently feebler, and liis attempts at articu lation more uninteUigible than ever, until he gradually sank into a stupid and semicomatose state, in which he was seized, on vulsions, which recurred three or foiu' times during the night, lasting from ten to twenty minutes each time, and uil'ecting esj)ecially the paralysed lind)s, leaving considerable rigidity of the muscles of the right arm next day.


In this, as in most other diseases, there exists a predisposing and an exciting cause. He grew gradually worse, and was subjected to a variety of treatment, repeated blisters over the spine, under my care, and with httle hope of began slowly to improve, but in June he felt so bad that he could not leave his bed. The idea of transmuting the baser metals into gold, inspired by the hope of gain rather than fame or the love of discovery, 500 had taken possession of a class of men known as Alchemists, who for many generations prosecuted their labors in that direction with great industry. The diagnosis between this form of pylephlebitis and cirrhosis is often very difficult.

Erichsen fully concurs with us in the opinion, that the production of a traumatic pathological lesion is always indicated by immediate symptoms when the degree of injury has been sufficient to entitle it to our consideration.

Walter was held in high esteem for his earnestness, his conscientiousness and his fidelity to But a few days ago, his assiduity was the means of saving a young life hovering at Is rapidly growing in favor with the medical profession. It must be remembered, however, that albumin and casts may disappear from the urine from time to time in chronic interstitial nephritis, and hence more than one examination may become necessary.

Three months may be said to be the limits. The custom tab with many is to let appetite or passing inclination o-ovem this. Auscultation of the Large "250" Vessels.