While making the effort, the horse holds its breath, having previously inflated the lungs.

Introductory discourse, delivered at the Medical tablet College of Ohio, by Dr.

The classes would be held by day and not on Sunday or any holiday or lialf-lioliday. In the ls left pleura were six or eight ounces of clear fluid, without a trace of inflammation of the membrane. In this tub "hs" some wormwood, hops, and I think tansy, were put, and boiling water poured over them. Crotalin is a two-edged sword, and its usefulness in epilepsy is dependent upon minimum or moderate dosage; maximum doses are detrimental. Although most of the original discoveries which have enabled us to arrive at this classification of the dysenteries are to be attributed to workers other than British, some of them may be fairly assigned to our fellowcountrymen, especially those having a bearing on the prevention of these diseases, such as the elucidation of the part played by dysentery carriers and their treatment.

It is increased both by movement and by pressure. On the morning of the trial, being much oppressed with thirst, he look one cup of tea, and shortly afterwards his weight was found to have increased six dosis pounds, so that he was incapacitated for riding. His diet should be limited almost entirely to milk.

Means of which classification, both by personal occu"pation and by industry, could be effected.

At A, bone; at B, marrow; beginform at C, modified connective tissue.


In such a condition there might well be a minute, inconstant, and insignificant regurgitation also; though ordinarily in mitral regurgitation there is no thrill.

If it is contended that this connection exists, where is the proof? If denied, we ask, what is the motive power in the In the foetus, as before remarked, the foramen ovale permits a part of the blood to pass from the right to the left auricle; the ductus arteriosus permits an additional quantity to pass into the aorta from the right ventricle, instead of going to the lungs; so that the lungs do not circulate more than one fourth of the blood before, that they do after birth: beinformed. When closed, and further intermural transgressions against the fundamental laws influence is referable to the fenformina decomposition of the hundreds of decaying human bodies, buried in our city cemeteries. But (like all young connective tissue) the new material has a strong tendency to contract. Money is spent in the maintenance of insane asylums, why should it not be spent in the treatment of action syphilis. As regards the action of nitrate of silver in croup, he must say, that in none of the post-mortem examinations which he had made of persons plus dying from it, and where the silver had been freely applied, was there any thing which would indicate that it had been done. But there are other cases in which the suspicion of pulmonary disease is based mainly upon the fact that the girl, as is said,"spits blood." A glance at the sputum is sometimes sufficient to remove all uneasiness about this. Casualtj' ckaiing stations as a whole seem now to have specialized to a considerable extent, some dealing almost solely with head cases, others with abdominal injuries, etc. For the patient may experience exactly the same sensations from the accumulation of flatus in the bowels, and of fat in the subserous tissue, so that those who seek advice for abdominal dropsy are really free from this complaint. Y,"e arc glad to say that so far from tliere being any hkehhood of this, there in which has never been paralleled in the history of warfare. Scarcely less acute is the course of other cases in which the daily range of the thermometer is very wide, the maximum perhaps with a high temperature at different periods of the day, is more unfavourable than when the fall is nearly to the normal point.

Therefore, if the war should lead men to abandon the materialistic ends, or subjugate them to higher purposes, and so develop a new type of civilization, implying greater happiness and more mental equilibrium, might we not expect less insanity in the future? What we need is a startling indictment of a modern civilization with a demand for a new basis.

So much is certain: That the result of Gmelin's investigation must not be generalized, and the conclusions which he has drawn cannot at this time be applied to all cases of this peculiar disease. For a long time there is no loss of flesh, but at length wasting occurs, and it may reach an It is only during the early stages of chronic bronchitis that it is possible for the patient to recover, so as to remain henceforth free from the liability to its return, when exposed to cold or damp. This is only palliative, and so often leads to infection of the bladder, with all its concomitant evils, that I have no hesitation in saying that it should never be resorted to by any unskilled person. Last June showed slight lameness in the off forefoot. He was called upon to give an intravenous injection of saline solution to a brother practitioner, dying from typhus, and accidentally inoculated liimself in doing so. Another thing which helps to make our class of cases unsatisfactory is thj fact that from the wage-earning classes we cannot hope to get cases as early as from more prosperous classes, and their disease is often advanced when they present I'or this hospital to do the work that it is best fitted to do, viz., cure patients who have fair chances for recovery if placed under proper conditions, a much better selection of cases is necessary.

Todd (Toronto) said in liis experience the method of introducing the hand and rotating the head was accompanied by a greater mortality to the child. Retention: Having returned the uterus and smoothed out all the folds, and everything is in its natural place as nearly as possible, we must devise means for retaining the organ and prevent its being again everted.