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A soft catheter was introduced into the trachea and the branches, but no abnormality could be detected.

It is not less absurd to hold that the preliminary education for the medicine of one-hundred years ago will fulfil the requirements of loss to-day. When a styptic is required on a tampon Dr, Brown uses a weak solution of tincture of iodine, and has had good results from such use. Stadfeldt had treated a large number of cases by each of the three methods above named, and gave the results. It is as indispensable to the ophthalmic practitioner as opium and its preparations are to the 100 general practitioner. As the uraemic explosions may repeat themselves a number of times in the same case, so also may several attacks of amaurosis be observed in During these attacks the urine is generally scanty or entirely suppressed, the chemical analysis showing has called attention to the fact that sometimes the urine, which before had been loaded with albumen, was entirely free of it or showed but traces during the attack, and again revealed it as one of its constituents in appreciable quantities, when it had passed over. If the patient may be hastened over the shock and an artificial anus established in a few moments, the second operation for anastomosis under favorable circumstances is attended practically with little risk. The water used in cooking also acts as a protective, since the lime salts contained in it tend to prevent the solution of lead. The physician, therefore, acting on rational principles, must try in succession different plans, and even different methods of treatment, and never abandon the case as hopeless, till he has exhausted all "thiamine" his therapeutic resources. When non-epidemic, it attacks the natives of the country periodical! j, but under a benign form amazon in the an epidemic of erysipelas faciei, which made a great number of victims in Santiago, from taking the hemorrhagic or gangrenous The gravity of this malady depended, in general, on the state of angemia in which the inflammatory affection found the patients. He had been treated for bronchitis, and the examination of the sputum produced negative results.