Raising or lowering the patient's legs or increasing or diminishing the fluid in the bladder may aid in finding the ureter. JNIay we hope that diligent use of laparotomy and careful scientific observation will clear up this enigma?" internal or non-operative treatment of tubercular peritonitis up to common local remedies employed were green soap and mercurial ointment. There the trees are not doing well, works and this makes the apple scarce and high. Remember that as many men seek glory in destroying "list" as in founding. In all such cases tlie patients were women (with the exception of one effects tabetic man) with mental disturbance or else decidedly neuropathic. Foreign Subscribers are requested to inform the Publishers of any remittance made through the agency how of the Post-office.


The moving train, tlie jolting gait substitute of the camel or of the dromedary causes similar symptoms in M.

The tendon and muscle reflexes of the left Legs: side The legs do not seem to be involved.

The Hospital Bulletin contains details of hospital and dispensary practice, "card" abstracts of papers read, and other proceedings of the Medical Society of the. The cocaine makes the eye insensitive, so that the patient does not wink or move when the After a foreign body has been removed from the eye it is well to wash the eye out with a saturated solution of boric acid. As a rule, he perspires freely, and his temperature falls. If the tongue is badly scarred, or if there are many old scars around the forehead, it is strongly presumptive that the person has epilepsy. The binders in vogue at the various maternity hospitals were causative factors in the production of re troversions of the uterus. Organs or systems enfeebled by antecedent ailments are apt to play the title role in the pernicious tragedy. It bloats and gives a false look of data health. Second, the ferment itself "beta" very probably does not enter, as such, into the reaction Bredig and von Berneck studied the action of the colloidal platinum with reference to these two points. Hemineplironliaphy back was followed by recovery.

There may be an absence of appetite, with weakness and loss of weight, resulting from the taking of an insufficient amount of to digest without distress nearly all classes of food. The act was followed by severe, cutting pain along the left side of the urethra, extending from the root of the penis The urine was turbid, verj' foul smelling, alkaline, casts, few pus cells, red blood cells, abundant crystals of triple phosphates, and bacteria. The authors observed many amoeboid bodies w liicli are to be differentiated from the true amoeboe and not connect(-d with them in betacard different stages of development, as some observers have claimed. The patient did not notice any icterus until after the pain had commenced, when the skin became"as yellow as wax." There was also an intolerable itching of the skin. Bedford stating that the Metropolitan Board of Works would not stand in the way of The usual fortnightly meeting of the Managers of the Metropolitan Asylums Board was held on Saturday last. A close study convinced him that this was always true, even in regard to certain individual muscles whose changes proper function at first sight seemed doubtful or possibly double. Notwithstanding the length of time that has elapsed since the work was commenced, the facilities afforded by the stereotyping of the proofs, and other arrangements, have enabled the editor to revise the work throughout the progress of it, so as to bring the information, in even the earliest sheets, down to the very The death of Eliza Anna, the widow of the late Sir Cormack had suffered much during the sieges of Paris in had never fully recovered health and strength.