On the posterior surface grooves had formed along which the urine trickled from the ureteral openings.

He used galvanism, hydro-therapy, and nitrate of silver; the silver was used in two of the three. Lewis was said to have"a peculiar tact for operating, as he had a firm nerve and quick, decisive judgment." He should have inherited mechanical ability through both parents. Malignant disease (cancer of the prostate) presented itself but once. When the ameba is the cause the diagnosis may often be made clinically by the presence in the very acute cases of very tender, sausagelike thickenings in the large bowel. Also keep hogs thrifty and vigorous by using the spray prescription recommended for Chronic Indigestion. Skene, in the American Journal of Obstetrics, for April, structures, and calls them glands. Dispensaries for mental cases have been established in a few cities and they have proved of much service. The plant is called Bacooarooroo, or Beeaheatij, or Mootakoo by the Indians, and exercises a salutary cfl'ect on the kidneys. Dose from ten to twenty grains. He was one of that band of heroic physicians who stood steadfast at the post of duty during the terrible epidemic of yellow fever which visited Norfolk and Portsmouth appointed by the city council to investigate the cause and origin of the epidemic.

These reports should be properly digested by the committee, and presented to the society in the most profitable form, and points brought forward for discussion. In case the lungs for are attacked, and become badly diseased, the animal is out of condition and falls away in flesh; appetite is capricious; coat is rough and staring; eyes are sunken and dull. Womb come out which all died until I used the following treatment: Wash the womb gently in warm water and grease well with Sweet Oil or Castor Oil dogs and put back. Some months ago it was discovered that a homoeopath had been placed in charge of one of the largest General Hospitals in the West, and it was found that he was experimenting with the patients under his charge by treating them homceopathically. Becomes staring; and gel the breathing more and more embarrassed. After the last massage the customary flannel bandage is covered with a roller of tarlatan, previously slightly moistened. If the edges of the wound commence to look red and angry, dust on a little burned Alum: injection. A good deal of pains was taken to make the report complete. Otis had, by this time, become dissatisfied with his prospects of professional success in Richmond, and circumstances led him to select Springfield, Massachusetts, as his place of residence.

Atrophy op the Heart, see Heart, atrophy Atropi'num, (P.) Atropine. Nothing is gained by hurrying the patient. The section gave an inaccurate inter Read before the Mid States Radiological Society, Kansas pretation because it had not yet been invaded by malignant cells. If in the foot, cut away hoof to expose injury before dressing: tablet.

Alcohol often cuts short an attack when inhaled freely.


Her death followed a large meal and free draughts of coffee and water. His earliest known ancestor in America came from Gloucester, England, colonel in the militia before the American Revolution and a justice for thirty years; Revolution and afterwards a judge; Winthrop adjutant-general during the Indian Wars. All this is true, and yet cold weather is hardly commenced. Les Origines de la trepanation decompressive. The two methods of administration, the small infrequent dose and the large frequent dose, provided that small ones were used to lead up to it, are explained in detail. All seems to point to the fact that the hypermetropic eye is imperfectly developed.