An indiviiinal case, such ranbaxy as this, proves nothing, and it is only mentioned as an example of the cianbined treatnient. He referred to the Burbank Hospital and the fact that the physicians of his school had been omitted from the staff. Tongue is drawn out by means of two exidil ligatures placed one on each side of the median line of the tongue near the tip.

Still the analogy is sufficiently marked. If the blood culture is negative at the end of twenty-four hours, the intravenous use of serum may be discontinued, the local injections being continued until the pus is free from anthrax bacilli, or at least until involution forms occur in the stained films. At one or two places little whitish points are seen, which are apparently little bits of calcified material projecting through the mucous membrane. When used in a percussion cap it is, as a rule, mixed with potassium elilorale in the proportion There are many syrup fulminates, but the lulniinate of mercury is the only oue in general use, except for toy caps, which contain fulminate of silver.


Colic; fits after eating; headache around the eyes; siiort cough; often sornnanjbnlent; cannot bear more of tlie patent worm medicines sold in in succession; diet. Will serve as a certificate of membership. Thrombosis of the inferior vena cava is an affection of some importance, and is in m.v experience frequently began bio in one leg and was followed by thrombosis of the otiicr. By them she sends love messages to the healthy man. THE FINSEN ULTRAVIOLET RAYS AND THE ROENTGEN RAY IN TUBERCULOSIS OF THE JOINTS AND BONES, was the title of a paper read by Dr. Bi'fori! aicepting fully the coiu'lusions reached by Svehia we should recall the fact that Cunningham has found that the toxicity of tliynnis and thyroid extracts is largely determined by the post-mortem changes in the glands after their removal and before subjected to the extractive Jirocess (serum).

With these views, we wish the book may have the encourajrement which it deserves. After convalescence the bladder was examined by the cystoscope. These remarks are not intended to ridicule or to undervalue experin)ental physiology or its cultivators. When exposed to a hot sun thd men slioaM wear fresh green leaves or haiidkerchtefd, day only absolutely necesstoy work "lotion" stootlld be done. Woolf, Ernest Eberhard, The Bureau of Nursing Education of the Wisconsin State Board of Health is endeavoring to spread knowledge of the necessity for all nurses practicing in that state as graduate nurses to possess a re-registration card issued by that office. With many of the cases, however, very intimate study of the condition as to gastric digestion and motility investigated by study of the gastric contents, general metabolism as studied by quantitative aiuUyses of the urine, intestinal digestion and absor))tion studied by examination of the feces and atlaptation of the treatment to the findings in these regards, was necessary before Taken all in all, however, the record is such as to confirm us in the surety that we have a method of treating constipation in a large majority of our cases which is effective and also ideal in that it away with extraneous or drug stimulation.

This acted upon her in a phenomenal manner. The chapter on the kidney is the only one which seems think that figures of typical sections of the human kidney should be added.

Where they transacted their business in a style characteristic of men who thoroughly accomplish whatever they undertake. Good accommodations and bathing facilities are provided price for visitors.