First of these come lobelia, stramonium, and tobacco, which are capable of checking the disease by depressing the pulmonary nerve-supply to the verge of narcotism, in doing which they often accomplish more injury than good by disturbing the function of the stomach. They were imperfectly developed, and the right had just reached the entrance of the inguinal canal. While I am well aware of the frequent want of success in demonstrating the presence of the bacillus in urine as in bone, I may add that it was found in three out of the eight cases in which I have been asked to explore tubercular the advanced stage, but of the pyrexia which may be an important factor in the diagnosis much earlier in the case. The post-mortem showed absence of tubercles and lymph at the base of the brain, and an extensive eruption of miliary tubercles with much turbid lymph over the entire spinal meninges. The s'ools are either loose, copious, and bilious, or there may be constipation. It had been adherent over nearly its entire surface to the mucous membrane, which made it impossible of removal until it had been crushed. Collection of price air in the vagina. Army Medical Board will be in session in New York candidates for appointment in the Medical Corps of the United States Army, to fill existing vacancies. Three, four, or five glasses a day suffice, and in the early morning it may be taken hot.

With extension of the disease the inspiratory murmur is harsh, and, when consolidation occurs, whiffing and bronchial. A substance found in digitalis "syrup" Dlgnram'dlal. We have now determined, in addition to the facts revealed by the autopsy itself, that tlie liver, kidneys, splenic abscess, and mitral vegetation all contained in their interior the same kind of micro-organism, the only tube that gave negative results being that inoculated with blood from the right" Cultui'es upon agar-agar, made from inoculations from the vegetation, from the blood of the left heart, from the spleen, and from the left kidney, were found after two days in a temperature of bodyheat to liave developed well-marked white colonies of micro-organisms blood of the right heart.

The swelling has always extended more to the right side. The fact that these arterial changes were similar to those which are often found in the advanced stage of cirrhotic kidney, and were associated with similar vascular changes in other organs, furnishes a reasonable solution for the cardiac hypertrophies which are so often present with the cirrhotic kidney.

We will proceed to give a condensed programme of the various parts of the Staats-Examen, together with an outline of the method of conducting the examination itself. His'eatment of the connection between chemical constitution and hysiological action is still too elementary. Tremor of the Qriek In xt ttu naok. The sponges were thoroughly cleansed after the last operation in which they were used, by processes which they are wrung out of a five-per-cent.

Hiemorrhoids shut or blind piles. The alse nasi should be observed during the sleep of the child, as they are sometimes much retracted during inspiration, due to a laxity of the walls, a condition readily remedied by the use of a soft wirs dilator. In all the cases there was improvement, which was generally quite marked. In dwellers in the country, in which the air is pure, they are able to prevent the access of dust particles to the lung tissue, so that even in adults these organs present a rosy tint, very different from the dark, carbonized appearance of the lungs of dwellers in cities.


In an autopsy on a case of atrophic cirrhosis the peritonaeum is usually found to contain a large quantity of fluid, the membrane is opaque, and there is chronic catarrh of the stomach and of the small intestines. The cases are rare, particularly in hospital practice.

Pains of "bizfurn" early stage of labor.

The spleen, he said, appeared to have (m the human subject) a limited capacity of blood generation in e.xtra-uterine life. The pieces of bone were shown to the Society and the history of the patient related. Knotting together, bmomina'taL Relating to the Inmuninate artery ian, arising from the anterior part of the arch of the aorta, ascending obliquely to the right along the trachea, and, uter a course of about an inch in length, dividing into two trunks, which eo off at proper; the other, the superior or primitive carotid of the name side. The title page of the volume bears the motto," United, an army; divided, a mob." This naturally suggests the inquiry, Are our institutions as an aggregate under any discipline in their relations to the public, or are they under mob rule? We are glad to believe that the former is true.

In this country the theory of the law is that the Crown is not liable to pay compiensation like a private individual, i and no action to recover damages consequent on the default I Crown or against Government officials. Span'ish J., extract of Spanish rhirope, formerly ranked among the pectoral fruits; has an agreeable, sweet taste.

Will hp (oiinrt In our lull report. The autopsy and the subsequent microscopic examination of the central nervous structures were, in a measure, necessary to clearly establish what had been, before, a The question had been raised, shortly after the adrpission of the patient to the service, whether we were dealing with an acute inflammatory process of the cord, or whether this might not be a case of so-called Landry's paralysis, a term that still lacks scientific limitation, and for which no precise clinical picture has yet been presented. Whenever there was the chance, therefore, they put their children in the way of contracting the disease, to the danger of the community The annual meeting of the Manchester Medical Society was held in Owens College last week. On the addition of acid there was a distinct dopOHit.