Those in charge have ideas, and, much as they respect tradition, they do "causes" not allow themselves to be shackled by it. They may rupture through the diaphragm into the pleural cavity, into the lung, and escape through the bronchus; tliey may, however, rupture into the intestinal tract, peritoneal cavity, through the abdominal Recovery may be spontaneous any The diagnosis of splenic abscess is very uncertain, and its removal by incision an a case of abscess of the spleen rupturing spleen rupturing into the stomach: adalah. These form a small package attached ventrally to the base of the mosquito's abdomen, in such a way that when the mosquito sucks blood, the free or hatching end is nearest the skin of the victim.

In the general eruption, the papules appear frequently in the region of the junction of skin and mucous membrane as about mouth, nose and anus. The crypt is filled "pathogenesis" with foreign material. The thickened pleura may become so radiopaque as to make it indistinguishable, from a'-ray evidence alone, from the obfuscation due If the thickening involves one surface, such as the anterior surface, an x-ray differentiation between chronic pleuritis and pleuritic effusion can be Two exposures are made, one in dorsoventral view, the second ventrodorsal.

The practice of Dr Hamilton is verydifferent.

Doerr, Taussig and Franz have shown that the insect is not merely a mechanical transmitter of the virus, but that an incubation period of a week within the body of the insect is necessary. Brush urged the profession to exert its influence toward securing legislation which would provide for the involuntary restraint and treatment of persons diseased, incompetent or dangerous from the use of alcoholic but was defeated in the assembly. The' third nucleus, or its anterior portion, is certainly included in the reflex arc, and it is not surprising, therefore, to find reflex iridoplegia present in nuclear lesion. (e) In the case of a tubal pregnancy which has become interrupted by rupture of the tubs, or by the formation of a tubal mole, a characteristic discharge is often present. Within a few hours to one or two days the area within the ring of vesicles is converted into a dark gray to black pultaceous diphtheroid membrane which when detached shows underlying fungating granulations, covered with greenish yellow pus. " The only morbid appearances were increased vascularity and thickening of the coats of the stomach, with softening of the mucous coat: botulisme.


Being a government hospital, many persons are inclined to regard it in the light of a free dispensary, and requests for whiskey, medicines, permission to rest on the hospital cots, etc., are common. The reason why this trivial injury is often so troublesome is because every time tension is put on the muscle, before fibrous union is complete, a fresh trauma occurs in the imperfectly healed tissues, and this repeated time after time maintains the effusion and prevents regeneration of the tendon fibrils. Hypertrophy of the Prostate Lohnstrin, H (toxin). This development was thought to occur in rice stored in damp places, but Vedder has shown that storing undermilled rice in a damp place for a year does not cause it to lose its anti-beriberi-producing properties. In the standing position, the abdomen protrudes and the upper part sinks in; when lying, the abdomen shows a lateral extension. There is no claim made by me to adduce anything new about the operation of myomectomy. The growth was pedunculated, eleven definition by six centimetres. And the gradual pnitrrcssivc increase in size in spile of treilmint in Gummatous Ulceration of the treatment penis occurs oecisioti'illv. Nervous causes were assigned in forty-two cases (neuropathic predisposition in honey thirteen, neurotic individuals in seven, migraine in eight, mental strain and anxiety in eleven, poliomyelitis in one, fright in two). A very satisfactory method is to scrape the scales with a small scalpel, and smear out the material so obtained in a loopful of white of egg or blood-serum on a may then be stained with Wright's stain or by Gram's method. The process is repeated on the other side. Cat tie ranching or sheep herding was considered at pretty well. Il may lie cvnkcil at least as rcailily when the pule bacteria iipnii Ihc iniiselc is the aniiilc.