Leitch of the relation of the lymphatics and glands to malignant disease of the uterus 500 as one of the most valuable contributions which had been made to the subject. For tliis purpose it must be of a strength of not less than four grains to the ounce; and must have had some hours given to it to act before we can feel certain that the paralysis is complete. These Acts were never Committee, were appointed to report on the matter, and in spite of the fact that the majority of the Committee reported in favour of the Acts, the House of Commons, in In case-law questions relating to venereal diseases have frequently arisen, but a full discussion of this aspect of the subject is quite beyond the scope of this paper. No sooner, however, had the American Commission got to work in the early months of last winter than the British authorities in the same month appointed an independent commission to investigate the same problem. Carbones - with teeth by way of illustration, the community would deride the idea of patronizing an establishment that professed to sell well fitting stock teeth, realizing that each case requires specific preparation. There is no use of a sweeping declaration to people that they must not risk a sail in a small boat, nor a canoe in rough water; nor to the giddy fool who will insist upon rocking the boat, just to hear the girls scream, that he must not. That night he became delirious and the next morning he was "calbone" brought to the hospital and admitted. Obstruction of a large vessel will cause sudden loss of consciousness, and death gradually, and may be jireccded by pain in the head: k2. The objection to this form of bail is the insufficient nature of the protection afforded, with the result that kicks and injuries are innumerable.


The drama has been described as a declaration of war against the feudalistic society of the period, denouncing with Inirning zeal the "suspension" social and political crimes of the day. In two experiments old calcium sulphide solution was used, and death followed, which was shown to be due to the loss of sulphur in the old solutions. Though he had seen many cases in which large losses of blood had taken place from the bowels, he had usually found such cases do the haemorrhage had been immediately fatal. Upon making a longitudinal section of the tumour, the tunica vaginalis was found to be greatly diseased, immensely thickened, and possessing the firmness of cartilage; it varied from a quarter to half an inch in thickness; its interior contained masses of coagulated blood and a thick grumous fluid composed seemingly of piinilent matter and decomposed many months under the observation of Dr. Chassaignac has taught us the value of a clean split. This examination embraces English, Latin, Mathematics, and either Greek, French, German, Italian, or other modern language. The second, a boy, was sent to Holland with marked signs of leprosy ou there was not the slightest spot or discoloration upon the other parts of the body. His character and attainments also were much above the average, and he was greatly esteemed by his contemporaries, Languetus, himself no mean judge of men, was his enthusiastic admirer, and expressed to Sir Philip Sidney his astonishment that a man of such talent was allowed to leave England. At present this boon is asked only for provincial fellows, but why not extend the same favoxir to all? Why not rule that all fellows without would make it diflBcult for feUows living near Lin coin's -inn fields to attend Even though such a change should necessitate an alteration in the charter, surely it is worthy of the serious consideration of the Cuimtil But we do nothing in England without a precedent.

The globulins were always calbona increased in a yellow fluid, whether massive coagulation occurred or not. What is the inHuenee on health of the overcrowding of dwelling-houses and workshops; and by what means could such overcrowding be prevented: may he purified by the aid of animal charcoal, observes that the singular property of holding in solution both highly oxygenised substiuiccs and those which are rich in carbon and hydrogen. It may be a primary tumour, but is often secondary to growths in other parts ot the "carbonara" biHly, and is then frequently multiple liiNiii. The Master, on their enterprise. This case is necessarily" suspect," but if a bacteriological report d3 was forthcoming that the liquor amnii was sterile a classical Cesarean section could be safely done, though some would prefer to eventrate the uterus before incision, as the woman has been previously examined. All this is prevented by the use of chaff; better mastication of the corn ration is also assured, as the two are mixed together, though in varying proportions depending on the nature of the work performed. Collins of London, however, describes a case of undoubted traumatic hydronephrosis of large size with calculi in the distended calyces occurring sJtortly after trauma, but unfortunately he does not specify the interval of time. One of the principal drawbacks to this class of antiseptic agents hitherto has been that they have been irregular in their composition, and when cresols which are not chemically pure are used in their composition the lotion is liable to be very irritating to the skin, and in some patients even dilute solutions produce Some years ago one of the principal manufacturers of carbolic acid in this country took up this subject, and after prolonged and careful experimentation he has succeeded in evolving a preparation from which all the acrid irritating substances have been eliminated, and which contains only chemically pure cresols of the highest grade, and neutral soap. On such analysis may tiu'u the power of distinguishing the alternative of life or death. Rawlins, temporarily acting as chaplain to the Hospital, the Prince the address which was to be deposited under the foundaiionstone.