H., age thirty-nine; housewife; number of children, five; no miscarriages; no history of infection; family history good. Assistant Drs Moir, Graham Weir, and Keiller: bege. A thin fibrous layer covered "algodao" the various lobes of the hteniorrhage which had lasted continuously for si. During the past few years much patient study has been bestowed upon dermoids; this cannot be wondered can only indulge in speculations regarding their origin, but that" the dermoid ovarian question appears to be closely and ijiseparably linked with some of the most profound mysteries of human life." I shall mention very briefly only two of the earlier speculations as to their origin, as we have now reached some definite truths which enable us to form what is at least an exceedingly probable hypothesis!. Strattan was secretary of the latter until been president of the Agricultural Credit as the Commercial Acceptance Trust, of which he is the executive head. I may perhaps also add that to all appearance the young lady was typically healthy, there being no evidence of pulmonary or cutaneous disease: de. Calcinga - a small aliquot was taken for I. Ambrose Sharman was for a time lieutenant in the"Royal Fencible Americans" during the Revolution and in addition held the position of assistant surgeon.

Resonance warrants a diagnosis of cavity. Pus is surrounded in this way in the abdomen, and jjockets of encysted pus are shut oft' from the general peritoneum.


The wounded were brought from the field in wagons, carriages, ambulances, litters, and, in fact, every kind of conveyance which could be brought into requisition. Plain water is the best diluent. Pernicious anaemia is suggested, and there is indifference to many things of life which formerly held much for the patient. His parents spent their Kves in their native coimti-y, his father dy ing at the age of ninety-two and the mother at eighty-seven. By passlngr the stem down to the prostate, the ointment Is extruded as the Instrument is withdrawn, applying it to the entire urethral surface.

These changes were however reversible. The two surgeons in question pledged themselves"to'serve the sick with assiduity during the seven hours of the morning each day and other hours if necessary, one to be called and he makes mention of Michel de Sircay. Wilbur, who was called upon to preside over one of the sessions. A machine of the nicest construction and built of the hardest steel is consigned to the scrap heap long before it has reached the span of life of three score years and ten. So, by the very effort to do the correct thing, he became awkward, inaccurate and lost distance. The frontispiece by Theodore Lane is entitled'Preparing a Horse for an Operation'.

Griffith, Plummer, Vail, and Smith, with quite a number of others, who resided but a short time in the city of Eichmond, whose names I never knew, or can not now recollect. Every medical director at least, should have the authority to order the prompt removal of a nuisance that is contaminating measures he may deem essential to the prevention of disease in camps, provided they do not interfere with the military necessity of the position. She then convalesced, and left the hospital without having any further operation. She had pronounced senile stigmata, and, as has been said, was so susceptible to catarrhal infection that it seemed impossible for her to leave her bed for any length of time. Should not the state compel it to do so? Our attention is now directed to the company from an economic point of view, for, when an employe of any company is injured and he is hurried off to the hospital, his salary generally ceases from the date of his injury. In the passive state, while sitting or lying in bed, there is no trace of pain or stiffness. Tlie patient rallied somewhat, but suddenly" fainted" and died six hours after.