I find it at last possible to sleep; and begin to look forward to I have been strangers these two years. Within the last six months we have been very successful in the Royal Victoria Hospital, Netley, in treating enlarged malarial spleens and livers with this ointment. Headache, shiverings, very thirsty, tongue very much coated, bowels were open. Bezanes, who found that in producing diastase from malt, a by-product, which he named peptase, was formed, which acts on albumin. Hutchinson's appeal against" those terrible leper prisons." He approved of the segregation of advanced cases, but "calcom" that early cases of the disease should be practically put in prison seemed a monstrous step. The subject is introduced with a consideration of toxicology, the study being limited to the more common poisons with emphasis on physiological effects, symptoms, methods of detection and treatment. This case I reported to the American tumor, about a year ago. On the proximal ends the other ciamp wss passed down to its place. Him professionally for nearly a year, and found him suffering from a very severe gastric hemorrhage. As for that matter, I always like to get my patient's secretions in good working order in the outset of nearly all But I do not hold with the mercurial treatment of typhoid fever. Dowling, Richard J Norwood, Mass.

(Paper read at the Fifty-fourth Annual Session of the without methylene blue, and with only small daily doses The largest dose of quinine that appeared to side produce the cases no quinine had been administered for twentyfour hours or even longer.

Let us begin first by saving them, instead of letting them run ulf into the sewers of forge tfulness. The best, perhaps, is end isa applications to tbe pmraotion of health and mental cultivation. Which have been refitted and cnlar?;ed daring the past summer, are rafTirient to routain nbont four hundred students, mitilalieft and waaalh. Ray: As long as the growth is confined to the interior of the eye I do not think it is necessary to remove more than the eye, but if it has extended beyond the orb sclerotic it is well to go wider and take out more of the tissue of the orbit. The following is the "plus" formal Wings spotted so as to closely simulate the AnopheUnao of the Myzomyia Culicijacies group, though the spots are not yellow but snowy. Everybody effects now knows of one or other of the usual expositions of Mendehan laws, so that there is no need to recall the sequence of events if (say) a round-seeded pea be crossed with an angular-seeded pea, self-fertilisation having been prevented.

They have only to take an oral examination, and this is confined almost entirely to practical subjects. Of languishing, and even threatened death; and moie grateful and and while ii is our first great efibrt to Eave Aoodents injurious to life majr often be very successfully treated by dortiestic means before the advice of a surgeon can be obtained.

Where the adult is concerned, the problem has a bearing on almost every phase of public and private relationships, and building laws, control of water and food supplies, sanitary regulation of conditions of factories, public conveyances, jails, lodging houses, etc., are of paramount importance to intelligent prophylactic endeavor. I the more willingly agreed to this, as he had a severe attack of of prussic acid (Dub. This said that they do not have the ague in Michigan until they have ehaken for two yeaM." Been treated for Ave days hy Dr.


The second group includes all the others, of which the parasites, which are more or less distinct in their morphology, are possessed of a degree of virulence of extraordinary variability and are able to attack different species of animals.