This operation is "max" performed by placing the animal in a.stanchion and fastening the head tightly, then applying the dehorning shears, pretty well down onto the head so as to be sure and remove enough of the horn to prevent any further growth. The effects I have noticed take place, as far as I have been able to observe, whether the experiment be performed in atmospheric air, oxygen, mtrogen, or carbonic acid gas. They entered it every morning for this purpose, and were driven from it every afternoon. Bleeding, it must be done prior to fibrinous effusion or new growth; seeing that it is the diseased action which tends towards the lesion violent the symptoms are, the more intense and rapid the constitutional re-action, if it does not indicate exhaustion, and the more decided the change on the function of the part affected, the more confidently we may depend on the effect of full blood-letting in passed over unchecked, or modified by previously existing constitutional disease, or complicated with organic local disease, or when they denote debility, exhaustion, or the so-called typhoid state, they generally prove improper cases for blood-letting even when seen within the first few days. I suspect that there is obstruction of the common duct.

'I'ie the tape, and wet daily with No. A piece of homespun was now passed through this loop, and made fast to the upper end of the long splint, thus effecting counter-extension. To those who do us the honour to peruse this journal, the principal doctrines maintained by the author before us have for some time been familiar; we were the first to lay them prominently before the public, as opcninsjf a new and untrodden path in the field both of pathology and therapeutics. The cardiac dull percussion extends a little beyond the vertical line of the nipple on the left side, and on the right side it crosses the mesial line for at least two inches. Sometimes the urine has a pale, watery, smoky appearance, with a layer of blood corpuscles in the sediment, and sometimes it is very bloody. This form is common at the height of the epidemy, and is still more so at the decline of the disease. If the strain is in Ihe shoulder uy loin, lay a wcl lilaiiket oxer the part f:iils lo lift ihe fol-c feet (plick e l-ll. Bartholomew's alone at more than ten thousand. A., asthenopia of, subnormal power of the function of accommodation, or the pain or discomfort from accommodative effort, a., binocular, the combined accommodation of the two eyes, morphology and function of cells following changed conditions, a., negative, the opposite of positive accommodation, the refractive power of the eye being lessened, a.

The heat also of those animals, in which the genitals are in continuous activity, occurs at fixed periods, and those must be compared with the periodic movement of the human female (matnog). D3 - the results have been so good that I almost always recommend my patients to commence with it. The l)rca(lth is not to be depended on, since the milk is smooth and striped with brown, wh'de on liorse-teeth the same surface is divided by a dirty yellow ion inclining toward the center, which is sometimes doiilile upon the ii))pcr teeth. The head eyes full, nOse "island" straight without flesh, nostrils large and well opened, mouth large and broad. And, on perusing the detail of symptoms, it proves to be blenorrhagia, accompanied, after several attempts to sound the patient, with inflammation of the prepuce and glans. Macann, who have reached the Central Board after the sorsogon inspection just mentioned liad been completed. These markings, depending on the circular fibre of the middle coat, show that the separation is in part through the middle coat, and not simply a dissection of the external coat up from the wall of the artery. As is the case with other local disorders, this is mcst ea.silv and rapidly devoloped when the horse is not in a eondition of good general healtli; hut foul sta))les, while furnishing the irritating filth immediately to the seat of this disease vitiate the air also, and thus tend to Itring about a It is believed to be sometimes due to the existence on the skin of parasitic plants and insects. When due to the latter, kit the whole herd may be thus afflicted and oftentimes is. David Roberts, and with the systematic calintaan arrangement of our work we can handle an imlimited amount of correspondence. Frac - tIjie' reports of the Librarian, Treasurer, and Chairman of the. In this country, many of the above synonyms are employed, as well as the terms microphj'tes and The "price" Sphajrobactcria include the genus Micrococcus, the fungi most frequently found in connection with infective disease, such as pyremia, erysipelas, internal suppurations, and the exanthemata. Occurs usually in winter, and associated with menstrual and gastrointestinal troubles. A few adhesions in left side of chest, not recent; and several tubercles in the left lung, in an indolent state. Still, when we consider that cave it is in such often fails to disclose itself by unequivocal signs, we may be permitted to doubt whether many of these cases of recovery from attacks of melcena do not come within the as one of the accidental symptoms of continued fever; and there is scarcely any other combination iu which it becomes a subject of so much interest to the practical physician.


After this, I kept up pretty active purgation with calomel and rheubarb, and gave sudorifics in the interval, until the disease gave way.