Raw oysters; soft crackers with milk or broth; soft puddings without raisins; soft toast, without crust; blanc mange, winejelly, apple-sauce and macaroni. The patient usually is in extreme collapse, and may present many of the symptoms of cholera. It is given in doses of ten to fifteen grains dissolved in milk or soup or any article of diet in which salt is commonly used. During her hospitalization the patient had several left nephrectomy was performed on the ninth day (substitute). The ZamicB are a class of plants, including the Cycadaceoe. As it is generally intended, at the same time, to disinfect and to purify furniture, beds, wearing-apparel, etc., all these things must be placed or suspended in such a manner that their broadest sides are exposed to the fumigation: for instance, mattresses are put on the edges, clothes are suspended from frames.

When washing, one part should always be finished and dried with a warmed, or at least not cold, towel, before another part is made wet. It is a mode of intoxication quite similar to that by which ptomaines and other products of bacterial activity produce their effects upon the animal organism. In these conditions in the male, the. Cleveland had a"Northern xt Ohio Tuberculosis of the Anti-Tuberculosis League and the Chamber of Commerce. It was found that the patient's father was poorly developed as to mind, that his brother was subject to periodic mental disturbance so that he had to be watched. I now think that morning, I was called by telephone to come immediately to the hospital as patient's foot was in a bad condition.

With the Metabolism of price Phenylalanine and Tyrosine. With the following questions, I will drop the subject, at present Is this the genuine vaccine disease in the natural way? Is it some other disease which cows, as well as "tab" people, may have? Have you, or any of your correspondents observed it? Frank Rambler.

It forms white acicular crystals, of fragrant odor and pungent taste; an isomeric variety, isovanillin, occurring among those who sort vanilla-pods, due to contact with an insect found on the pods. If pe bone, forsope, of pe fynger or of pe pombe be corrupte pat is carpe wette, in ane oyntment pus y-niade: Take flessh; it fleep pe fistule; it murcdifiep pe filpe or putrifaccion of pe bone, ffor why; glasse makep flessh for to grow vpon pe bone; hony purgep and remouep pe putrefaccion of pe bone, and for to hele pe wonde, and for to sle pe cancre and pe fistule. Hence our phenomenally low mortahty-rate as compared with the eastern cities. The priest, as well as the physician, should therefore urge those persons to enter as soon as possible into the marriage state, if circumstances allow it.


It is free When writing Advertisers, please mention The American Journal of Clinical Medicine Listerine is an eflficient, non-toxic antiseptic of accurately determined and uniform antiseptic power, prepared in a form convenient for Composed of volatile and non-volatile substances, Listerine is a balsamic antiseptic, refreshmg in its application, lasting in its effect.

And the fading firehght flickers on the floor, There floateth down the night a faint refrain From the dear, delightful days that are no more. One may be a little larger, or fuller, or firmer to the touch than the other, or may show some slight difference in outline, or may even increase rather more rapidly at puberty; or the nipple of a healthy breast may slowly or suddenly become retracted.

Let me tell you, Rosina dear, not to say anything contrary to this in your letters because they open and read everything in order to find out everything that happens and everything that is said. The sense of pressure may be estimated by laying upon the surface of a well-supported limb, or other portion of the body, definite weights that can be increased at regular intervals by the addition of equal pieces of money, which can be piled upon one another. Making necessary ones with rather more than necessary indecency. A fruitful source of the defective nutrition that fosters the development of rickets exists in the inability of mothers to nurse their children. It is decomposed hy heat and moisture, and more slowly by the action of an organized ferment (Micrococcus urece), into normal ammonium carbonate. Acute myelitis differs from meningitis in the comparative insignificance of the symptoms of irritation by which it is accompanied and by the early appearance of paralysis. For such cases aeration by osmosis on aeration by osmosis, has collected valuable data concerning this method of respiration." A notable case mentioned by Dr.

From super, above, and facere, to SUBGEON, n. The flowers, flores tiliae (europcece, sen foeminoe), are mildly stimulant, antispasmodic, and diaphoretic.

The Zoological Garden is filled with animals from every clime and continent, and affords a full share of amusement Within a few hours' ride from Denver can be visited on excursions, at low rates of fare, the famous"Loop" up Clear Creek Canyon, Colorado Springs, the clean, refined and classic modern resort of the West, Manitou, designated the Saratoga of the West, with its outlying scenes and attractions, the principal ones of which are the Garden of the Gods and Ute Pass, "tablet" up the canyon.