For the celebration of her marriage with Sri Naradi Raja. This is by no means a necessary source of inflammation; inflammatory changes probably do not occur in such cases unless by infection from the nipple; the temperature of the patient can readily reach but in such cases the pulse is not accelerated in proportion to the temperature. They should be induced to take an abundance of vigorous exercise, and they must be supplied with good food; if away from home they should be especially cautioned to shun Those having the responsibility for the young should attend at once to the first evidences of impaired nutrition or strength, and should not wait for the development of cough or other suspicious symptoms before they adopt proper methods for the prevention of disease. After saturating absorbent cotton with the mixture and carefully applying to the "mg" wound you exclude the air entirely and almost PANOPEPTON- Bread and Beef Peptone. She said that as it had been conclusively proved that the mortality in cities was decreasing while that in rural districts was increasing the first efforts were directed toward small towns, Johnstown, Pa., was selected because it had birth registration. They also act as diuretics, the urine being rendered alkaline.

There was edema of the globe with slight 500 hyperemia of the anterior segment.


Continually tender or inflamed eyes of adults whose vision has been lost from a penetrating wound in whatever region of eyeball in patients under twenty years of age, if it can be done with safety to the better eye, as earlier removal of the globe retards the growth and development of the corresponding orbit, and greatly alters and 600 mars the facial expression. At other times death occurs by coma and convulsions. Hausmann in Rostock (vormals in of its kind in the literature of the subject, fills a need in the consideration of abdominal syphilis, for since Xeiimann's publication on"syphilis." sixteen years ago. I have already mentioned one case in which puncturing the mucous membrane' rapidly reduced an CBdematous swelling over the arytenoid cartilages. The reaction may persist up to five day to day or from week to week proves that this (iii) In a few cases of typhoid fever agglutination is not developed until late, or even not (iv) The test is occasionally positive in diseases Avhich are not typhoid fever. Granting an equal familiarity with the surgico-anatomic relations of the ganglion scmilunare, especially those referable toits dural envelope, the successful accomplishment of its removal, whatever the method employed, will depend entirely on the degree with which an operator may avoid a bloody wound, since a clean dry field is almost a sine qtui non for the manipulations, which even on the cadaver ofi'er considerable diificulty. The consequence was that he infected them, and puerperal fever was It would seem as though the medical profession would be very ready and willing to test any such simple explanation of the origin of a serious disease, and' if possible secure its diminution. The degree of consciousness of the operation varies considerably with diSerent cases. Striimpell, however, made the diagnosis in his case as combined system disease.

Probably the greater amount of mucus in the secretion explains their greater frequency as coniiDared with their occurrence in the parotid. The Brothers cared rather for the surgical cases, while the care of the children and the pregnant women was confided to the Sisters.

The condition of a patient in katatonic stupor is remarkable. Influenzae or the pneumococcus may be found, but as the disease progresses the flora becomes more varied. Occurs in pearly white scales possessing a pungent odour and unpleasant taste. Inflation with a bellows or with bicarbonate of sodium and tartaric acid is az a useful means. If it were not for the extension of the malady in Russia, the singularly slight impact of the epidemic on our own shores hitherto, so different from the antecedent outbreaks of former epidemics, might almost justify a hope that England would escape with but a slight visitation. C, American Laryngologieal Association, Washington, D. Watch the progress of labor, and interfere only if conditions arise which would demand interference in a patient the drug is felt through the pellicle formed by the collodion, with its irritating properties abolished. By Leading Authorities of Europe 200 Volumes.

Missionary in Liberia, Africa, for the last two years, representing the English Lutheran Church, has arrived here, in poor The annual commencement of the Baltimore University pupil at the Woman's Medical College. Years and I antibiyotik frequently have the experience you mention in the Therapeutic Gazette of druggists insisting that they can put up as good as yours. Of them annually, and he details caring for these infants by incubators, etc., that can be improvised in the poorer homes.