I had learned of a case occurring among the Indians a short time before this, which was successfully treated by the explosive cautery, followed by a poultice of the chewed root of a species of chenopodium. That improved personal hygiene and public sanitation, and a higher standard of life materially diminish the death-rate from consumption is already ascertained; the vital statistics of England clearly demonstrate that sanitary legislation has coincided with a considerable diminution of the number of deaths from phthisis. The left ovary was found to be undergoing cystic degeneration, but the right one was so sound that was present at the operation. In such a case as this the micro-organisms appear to pass with ease from the centre of infection into the surrounding tissues, and thence into the lymphatics and general circulation, whence they may be obtained within twenty-four hours. Our readers are asked to suggest topics to Question CXX ztas awarded to Dr. In the meantime these two processes (namely, the interferences which react on the whole body and those which react merely locally on the tissues at the seat of injury) must be considered apart as much as possible. The urine is thus drawn off continuously, and lessened congestion overcomes hemorrhage.

Moderate shock was present from which she reacted in three hours, when her pulse was continued, for which hypodermic injections of morphia were given and calomel powders gr. Emaciation is considerable, and if given solid food it remains in his mouth and he is unable to masticate or swallow it. Subsequently, however, he returned and gained the confidence of the people and rose to great renown. When the child was first admitted to the hospital there w T ere pseudo-fractures of the right humerus and left tibia, besides the fracture The humerus, which was bent at a right angle, was forcibly straightened.

It seemed probable that the macular atrophy and the leucoderma had developed on the sites of the lesions of the secondary eruption, but direct proof of this was wanting. In those few acute cases which do not show satisfactory improvement with acetylsalicylic acid, Jones uses a mixture made up of sodium salicylate, grs. Professor Yerneuil claims for this operation that it relieves pain and Professor Trelat stated that he practised all three operations of colotomy, rectotomy and extirpation in suitable cases; but his results forced him to the conclusion that all three were palliative measures and not curative. The 250 position he took was simply that he did not believe certain statistics nor the THE RELATION OF MEDICINE TO CIVILISATION; IT IS the privilege of the present generation to witness the most brilliant achievements in science, literature and the arts, that the world has ever known. Ointments must be very thinly spread, and must never be allowed to accumulate on the sound skin. The consequences were that of mice fed with paper prepared, from evacuations which had not been allowed to stand more than twenty-four hours, or on the the third day, every one; of those fed with paper prepared on the fourth action when perfectly fresh; that their virulence increases up to 500 the third day, diminishing during the fourth and fifth days; and that they lose all specific properties after that date. A contagious, catarrhal affection of the respiratory tract, of short duration, but attended with much prostration, and "uses" occurring, for the most part, in widespread epidemics. It would appear that when the vaso-dilators alone are called into action the successive stages of the process are accelerated. Malarious affections in general are benefited by high elevations with dry and sunny air, and in summer especially by the air of glaciers. I cannot see any advantage in the rectal method. Longer applicable to the hospitals of to-day, especially those in which individual isolation is carried out. There is no occasion at the present day to enter into a discussion "drug" of the merits of a Wassermann reaction. When I tell you I went to dinner at the Queen's Hotel the last time I was in Birmingham with my husband, and dined in a room with dozens of people, you will agree with me it is very wonderful.

The remainder were very drowsy and indifferent. Winslow said that in his first case the nail of the thumb was normal and the thumb exceedingly movable. A well illustrated and interesting account division and multiplication of the flagellates.


I well remember seeing a lady who"was suffering severe and repeated rigors, which, together with high fever, seemed ominously indicative of hepatic abscess, or some internal source of grave septicaemia. Pembrey's researches on the subject do not seem to make it probable; for he finds that the power of regulating the respiratory exchange depends on the development and activity of the neuro-muscular system. In the past, and even to-day in the majoritv of places, matters which pertain to public health and to hospitals have been and are largely matters Death rates are falling wherever the mandates of hygiene and sanitary science are obeyed. Four and one half hours after the first injection, a second one by mg Schloss-Commiskey, who had recoveries in six Pressure: Method for Making Continuous Blood Pressure I.

If you will furnish us an article within the "cefpil" next month on one of the following subjects: Micajah's medicated uterine wafers in uterine diseases, manufactured by Beaver street, New York; Nosophen, in any disease in which it is New York, we will send you our journal complimentary for three years.