A popular and usually effective remedy for a small ganglion is to break the sac into the surrounding connective-tissue, by striking it smartly with In scrofulous subjects, bursal sheaths are occasionally affected by fungous synovitis, a disorder essentially the same as that which produces chronic strumous arthritis or white swelling. I find the cultures made from the pus to be a mixed growth, largely composed of pneumococci." It may also be stated that the Wolff bottles for promoting expansion of the lung had daily been used by the patient, and that a careful examination of the urine revealed nothing abnormal: effects. The child had turned blue all over from head to foot; there was but a small spot of natural color half the size of the hand between the shoulders. Coates offered a resolution that a committee of three be appointed to report upon the subjects presented in the Inaugural Address of the President; which was adopted, and Drs. Sickness," a disease of young women, associated with anemia and menstrual abnormality, usually suppression.

As is usual in most branches of medicine, the theorists and the practitioners have not been strikingly accordant in the general treatment vs of the subject.


Morsitans having also been observed in infected areas.

It is an excellent application for burns. F.-wort, the herb Scropliularia nodosa, an alterative, diuretic, and anodyne. In this way, if the question were one of revoking a charter, the matter would not rest entirely with the State Board of Charities and would largely aid in doing away with the NEW YORK STATE MEDICAL ASSOCIATION: glycomet. The median incision for appendicitis is illogical, unwise, and in many instances will present anatomic cecum and observes one of the northerly directions, if adherent, it will present difficulties "v2" in the removal through the ordinary incision. In these cases the action of the drug in increasing the arterial In cases of heart failure, complicating pneumonia, typhoid fever and other conditions attended by rise of temperature, Helleborein has been used successfully as a cardiac stimulant. He should, if possible, be placed upon his back, should receive moderately full doses of iodid of potassium, and a sufficient quantity of aconite to act as side a marked sedative upon his heart without at the same time depressing it too greatly. There, in the very presence of death, he, with his own hand, gave a hypodermic injection of morphia into the wounded arm of Corporal F., and then frightfully wounded and suffering most acutely, died.

By the sudden introduction of foreign substances into the cavity of the cranium, thus inducing compression of the blood-vessels. Of Prognathism, in craniometry, the angle indicating the degree one of Lissauer's angles included between the radius of fixation. Give a laxative saline draught every morning upon rising. When the pad was removed the hernial protrusion became tablet about the size of half an orange. An instrument used in estimating the gaseous constituents of the blood. This is then the period during which its performance is essential; and after this epoch of life has been passed, although re-vaccination may still prove useful, it need not be too Extraction of Metallic Foreign Bodies when as in the case of needles, fragments of needles, etc., which have entered the hand or foot, are sometimes extracted with great difficulty, the object, when deeply placed slipping away from the forceps.

Pulp, Destruction of; there are two methods of destroying the pulp; one by an operation, such as the use of a barbed brooch; the other by the application of some devitalizing agent, as arsenious acid. Rarer consequences are convulsions and serious disturbance of general health from pain, loss of rest, and chronic discharge of catarrhal and bloody fluids. Examination, both before and after death, failed to demonstrate that either of the first three causes were present to a sufficient degree to seriously impede respiration, nor had the unilateral paralysis of the abductors, which had existed for a considerable length of time, produced more than a slight degree of which urgent dyspnoea was developed, there can be no reasonable doubt but that it was caused by an extension of the paralysis to the opposite abductors, i. It seems to be a necessary or convenient term covering our ignorance of the modus operandi of certain medicines, as mercury, iodin, etc. E., Direct, one acting directly on the nerves of the through the blood upon the vomiting-center, or by reflex action from other peripheral sources.

At a later period the human brain is like that of the lowest mammals. Two years ago the Medical Board of the Foundling Hospital set itself the task of keeping measles out of the institution: tab. The symptoms mentioned as incident to an acute attack may now appear gradually, or may be modified by extravasation of contents of the intestine into the connectivetissue outside of the peritoneum, giving rise of course to extensive suppuration, which will make its way in different directions, according to the anatomical peculiarities of the locality; or by extravasation of intestinal contents into a part of the peritoneal cavity which has been shut off from the main portion by adhesions; or, finally, by the escape of such contents into a neighboring organ, after the latter has first become adherent to the inflamed part.

After cystotomy, moreover, haemorrhage from removal of the growth and the attendant cystitis may be more easily dealt with. He there was attacked with the Chagres fever, which prostrated him very much, and left him with the. The insoluble salts of bismuth are feebly astringent and are useful in disordered digestion, acne, eczema, etc.