The failure to do so, however, was emphasized by a circular letter from him, which treats the question in such a general and fair way, that we quote extracts for the benefit of price all concerned. There w-as a good deal of pain on recovery, but it was relieved by an opiate. The iodoform is injected by means of a glass barrelled syringe which will screw securely on to the trocar. If the foreign body cannot be extracted, a linseed-meal or bread-poultice should be applied. If the trocar is blocked with caseous material it must be cleared with a probe. The ordinary cases to which this name has been wrongly given, have been those in which inflammation springs up in the track of the round ligament, attacks the cellular tissue, and terminates in abscess, which may open either externally or internally into the intestine, and, in some Dr.

"Nothing very definite can be said regarding the duration of chronic softening. If the patient has had primary syphilis, there is no need to assure ourselves that he has had secondary symptoms before becoming convinced that this poison is the cause of the nervous disease in question, if we find that the nervous system is affected in several distinct parts at the same time. Before the splints are applied, the arm should be well washed with soap and water, and dusted with powdered starch or oxide of zinc. Another argument supporting 800 my view of the nature of this case is Weichselmann's observation that the connective tissue wall of echinococcus cysts contains bile-ducts which readily open into the cyst if the wall of the latter begins exfoliating. Warning: Serious and even fatal blood dyscrasias (aplastic anemia, hypoplastic anemia, thrombocytopenia, granulocytopenia) are known to occur after the administration of chloramphenicol.

He was admitted to the hospital emergency ward one hour follow ing injury. If, on the other hand, the common iliac artery had been tied, gangrene would undoubtedly have set in, or the sac would have suppurated, and the patient have been finally run down by hectic fever. Alden March, it was Resolved, That the thanks of the Society be tendered to the President for his able and interesting address, and that a copy be requested to be sent as a communication to the State Medical Society. The unfavorable circumstances are infancy and old age, the supervention of other diseases, such as erysipelas, boils, abscesses, congestion of internal organs, and pregnancy. Against these wheels the usual brush rests, and by rotating one of the wheels upon the shaft the current of the short circuit can be made to precede, or follow, the primary current at will (citico). In a state of intense excitement, struggling, gesticulating,.grimacing, screeching, yelling, kicking, screaming, nudifying, hour. In such cases the repeated use of small doses of mineral acids, with extract of dandelion or sarsaparilla, is believed Acute inflammation of the liver is, as already remarked, rarely met with in temperate climates. Quarter, where, on the contrary, a sultry, stifling heat sometimes prevails, giving origin at certain seasons to malignant surface remains under an atmosphere remarkable, especially in. If the response was not adequate, another course of suppository treatment was prescribed. Three years ago his hearing became impaired, and is now much affected, but chiefly on the left side. All of us must be well aware that many needless experiments are actually performed, and until some clearly defined rules on this head are laid down, we venture to think such needless suffering will still continue to be infiicted on animals.


When a stone is crushed, continued Dr. Whilst the meat is stewing, scrape one large or two small carrots and cut them in thin slices, a quarter of an inch thick, notch the edges, and put them in a stewpan, with boiling water to cover them, and set it over the fire until they are tender; dip a bunch of parsley into boiling water and mince it fine; cut a leek into thin slices; pare and cut six small potatoes in halves or quarters, then take the carrot from the water with a skimmer; put quarter of a pound of sweet butter to the meat; dredge over it a tablespoonful of browned flour, and add the vegetables; cover the stewpan and Jet it stew gently for an hour; then take the meat on a dish, put the vegetables around it, pour the gravy over, and serve. But, as it is there laid down, no Medical attendant is justified in neglecting to ascertain the state of the uterus in any ease of obstinate illness, even though of clearly hj-steric origin, provided that the health is seriously compromised; and if there be local disease, the Physician must determine whether there be just grounds for local treatment. The production of prolapsus is not dependent upon the condition of the vagina, and the ligaments of the uterus.

Crabs are stale salt (a tablespoonful to the quart), throw the crabs in and keep them boiling briskly for twelve minutes, if large; then take them out, wipe the shells clean, and rub them over with a bit of butter; break off the small claws, spread a napkin on a large dish, and lay the crabs on it in regular rows, beginning at the outside.