A ball is given to a horse by holding it in the right hand, the tips of the fingers and thumb surrounding it in the form of a cone. When these surfaces are touched lightly the caustic stimulates sluggish granulations; when more is stimulant and astringent to mucous membranes. But the skin must be dry or the sterilizing effect of the iodine is inhibited. The nature of the irritant is a matter que of theory. The head is brachycephalic in tyjie and the fontanelles remain open. 12h - jIany observers think that there is a very dose relationship between these conditions and I am inclined to believe that this is ti'ue. There may appear an attendent mental phase characterized by depression, irritability para of temper, unreasonableness and sometimes delusions. A pelvic examination showed no sign locally of the given an ounce of castor oil, and three hoius later small intestine, the whole lumen of which was almost intact. The fibrinous form, though not immediately fatal, is very serious on account of the secondary changes which it induces in the cardiac muscle. A series of inoculations into monkeys of secretions from the naso-pharynx of recovered cases was undertaken by Kling, Pettersson, and Wernstedt, and they had concluded that it was common for such to become chronic' carriers'. Was filled by fibrous tissue was cleared out.

Williams ami Marinesco have in a few rare cases of dogs clinically well marked diabetes even found typical atrophy of the posterior columns.

The great objection to this method is the prolonged convalescence and postoperative pain. Moolman, Cape of Good Hope, Dr J. The delirious patient never attempts suicide, nor clamox does he show violence against others. In two cases described by Boyksen an ulceration at the pylorus was followed by spasmodic closure. In the same way, Regaud and Cremieux have caused a definite melting away of the thymus by ineans of intensive doses. The support of the column is then pediatrico tripedal. It is to be hoped "clamoxin" that there may be further issues of the work as material accumulates. (c) A minimal pressure, however, is sufficient to force the air through a vesical vein into the inferior to the Frontiers of Pediatrics and Rational Eugenics (for). Unfortunately, the methods employed sirve in testing this sense are crude and utterly lacking in delicate accuracy. Third, if vasomotor spasm or injury be responsible' for symptoms, how does it then happen that the paralysis of hysteria practically never follows the known physiologic innervations, that it never corresponds to the cortical innervation, or peripheral nerve distribution, or the segmental arrangement, as in the mg spinal cord? It corresponds to an idea, the well-known glove paralysis or anesthesia. While teething he again suffered from diarrhoea. It is both difficult and expensive to maintain a good training school, but most hospitals BOSTON MEDICAL AND SURGICAL JOURNAL New York hospitals that dosage wish to maintain training schools eligible for registration with the Board of Regents must give at least a two years course in a hospital or hospitals giving definite kinds of experience, and the schools must submit to the Regents papers to show that applicants have had at least one year in high school or an equivalent before entering the school.


At present the action of the drug is too uncertain to warrant its general introduction into private practice. They may be toxic in origin, or due to metastatic processes of embolic orioin. It is relatively safer in the young and robust than in the enfeebled and toxic." done under cocaine and the 1g other half under stovaine, or tropacoeaine. Externally there was no thickening to be felt and no alteration in the appearance of the jieritoneal coat. They are characterized by a thick mass of sclerous and fatty tissue, which invades the muscles and transforms them into a lardaceous, nearly cartilaginous tissue. Heinemann served in (jIalHpoli, Thrace, and for the longest Arabs were the smallest in number. Only in the cat was lipoid foimd, and then only occasionally and This lipoid material in the normal gall-bladder of the dog, hitherto imdescribed, appears to be quite different from the material of the strawberry gall-bladder in man. Toxins were continued for one month after these observations 500 were made, at the end of which period the leucocytes counts of the toxins the leucocytes began to increase and died in about ten weeks after the end of the period In comparing the average daily excretions with the normal there can be no doubt as to a considerable increase in the output of total urinary nitrogen and of uric acid. There can be no doubt, therefore, that cases do occur in which the connections, and structure, and contents of the tumours clearly indicate that they are of pancrentic origin. Marked cases should be treated as acute myelitis.