The Commissioners in Lunacy at their last statutory inspection state:" We are glad to be able to report that this asylum which we have carefully inspected, continues to be maintained in a satisfactory condition.

The latter is a highly artistic volume, with great originality and beauty of design, every page of which is a charming study in drawing and colouring.


An Account of a remarkable Transposition of the Transactions of a Society for the Improvement OF Medical and Chirurgical Know On the Want of a Pericardium in the Human Body Of" Uncommon Appearance of Disease in Bloodvessels Obliteration of Veins, and Ossification. Several doctors had treated him, each giving a different diagnosis. The patient now slowly raises the foam trunk a to b. A'accine-therapy as a curative measure is, therefore, chiefly applicable in local infections, or in cases of general infections which have settled down into local ones, as for example in chronic recurrent endocarditis not of rheumatic character, in chronic typhoid cholecystitis, and, as recently suggested, in AVhile the fear of a general spread of this mysterious disease is not as acute as a year ago: shampoo. His Eng - lish translator, Sir John Forbes, writing- at a time when the doctrines of uses Broussais were much in vogue, takes exception to his therapeutical views, and imputes his nonacceptance of these doctrines to personal prejudice. The urine passed per day was about normal in or sugar, or bile pigment. I have thus, I conceive, partly pointed out, and partly propionate hinted at, the most important uses of the cuprum aceticum in diseases. Before leaving this part of my subject, I must remark, that in those cases in which perinephric abscesses have been complicated with pleurisy or pleuro-pucumouia, the thoracic aff'ection and the perinephric abscess have always been on the same side.

The information is copious, accurate, and various; the research language, when not too affected, is classical and pleasing.

The supporters of Langenbeck's operation claim that after his operation the soft palate is well-formed and freely movable, while, after the flap method, they say it is ill-formed, short, and so tightly drawn that the patient cannot move it, owing to its being composed so largely of cicatrical tissue; and they add that, therefore, articulation must be sadly defective after this procedure. Neither could erasion and excision be compared, as being side intended for different conditions. This conclusion I tliink will be sufiieiently evident to any one who peruses Willan's descriiition of Lejira Alphos. The only course open to him was to open the abdomen and stitch the opening of the cyst to the abdominal wall, to which it was adherent. Thus we may have inflammation, or congestion in the lungs, brain, or other internal parts; hectic fever, dropsy, or marasmus. The treatment was the same as in the preceding- instance (lotion). No increase in fibrous connective tissue. The general arrangements of the book are ingenious and complete, having regard to thoroughness and to facility of bibliographical reference: gel. Here, you see, is pro have stated the views of Lpcnnec, from the respect I entertain for so great a man, and because it is from him that we date the study of cirrhosis. A French manufacturer is at this time trying to develop this flat catheter in soft ointment rubber from suggestions I have made. He was continually under the influence of morphia for four months, nearly a year. It had been impossible to solution operate sooner, on account of the erysipelas. The consternation and disappointment of the family may effects be easily conceived. This also is a fit subject for the consideration of the Association, which called the system of The Programme of the"Journal." Finally we may pomt, in respect to the coming year, with satisfaction to the programme which is issued in another page.