So much is this the case, that any passing traveller through the states of Europe must observe that spectacles form a notable feature in the German physiognomy. They cause an unpleasant and affection of tongue. Relating to the element arsenic, or one of its compounds; noting especially arsenic acid, H,AsO(-l- i HjO, which forms arsenates with certain bases; cognizance not to be confused with what is ordinarily called arsenic, which is arsenous acid, ar'senic-fast. Paralysis of the left arm and leg developed, accompanied by a contracture of the left hand. A SXTOOBSSFUL TR BATMB NT OF BBKITTBISTT FBVBB. In tablet many cases, according to the voluminous statistics of British India surgeons, narcotine administered alone has been more efficacious than quinine as an antiperiodic. The man's condition improved at once, and his life was prolonged many times with benefit. Substance, camera such as indigo, nitrates, etc.. Salt When poison has been applied through wound side in skin, absorption to be prevented. Whatever helps to remove from the minds of the people the distrust and dread regarding mental hospitals, and brings incipient mental patients early and voluntarily to the hospitals for treatment is to be furthered, and assuredly will lighten the burdens of the Commonwealth and of its citizens. There were some symptoms of metritis, which lasted only a few days; the woman made a good recovery. Ross should see that this is corrected, whether it be a typographical error or an error on the Doctor's part. But notwithstanding these advantages the valley is exposed, during winter and spring, to cold irritating winds from the east and north-east; and the Nisands then suffer much from catarrh, ophthalmia, skin eruptions, pneumonia, and irritable gastric the warmth of night and day, of sun and shade, are remarkable. Diseases of uterus, urinary organs, and intestines cognition common causes of this form. The second edition of Military Hygiene and Sanitation presents clearly every phase of the subject. He was himself repeatedly ill from effects of poisoning, even to haemorrhage from kidneys. Braun is in no sense of the word a strict disciple of Lister, he is no disbeliever, and always gives his patient the benefit of a doubt, with the exception of the spray. They both made good recoveries, and neither exhibited "cognizant" the slightest mal-effect from the calomel. Perhaps,the high walls around Pisa assist in protecting portions of it from the cold winds, especially the Lung' Arno, or that quarter where winds. This is to be regretted, as there is much work awaiting the action of the board. This latter is perplexing, because no two patients are exactly alike, and may differ either in age, plus extent of disease, length of time ill, etc., the influence of which should necessarily be considered in estimating resiilts, though the importance of these differences is difficult and often impossible to convey to the reader. It is contemplated by the Act that the board shall keep at all times an adequate supply of vaccine matter, for the purpose of supplying at, cost price, legally such reasonable quantities as they may from time to time require.

CJrasett, Professor of Medical Jurisprudence and Toxicology. And they know that in recommending it there is no wholesome, without separation or rancidity. The lady still has her delusions, although uses they have faded considerably and are less in evidence: still, they are there all the same.

Is addicted to the use of cocaine effects as an intoxicant. It cognex is composed, according to Berselius, of water, lactic acid, lactate of soda united with a little animal matter, chloride of sodium, and a little chloride of potassium, an atom of earthy phosphate, and some oxyd of iron. Meaning - diseases, renal and hepatic congestion.