Zeissl has repeatedly known gangrene of the integument of the scrotum follow its employment. Only those who may register, invited guests, and ladies accompanying them, will be admitted to the reception of the president. The condition called writer's cramp varies much in severity and in form: active. He places the indifferent (negative) electrode over the lumbosacral region while the positive is applied over the affected area and especially over the site of emergence of the nerve: tablet.


The drinking of water should be encouraged by a liberal allowance of salt (which in itself aids digestion), in animals in a poor condition, to increase their appetite iand flesh. His researches traverse the general progress made from the time of the founders of medicine down to the modern ideas of fresh air and sanatoria: ns.

A drainage-tube was introduced and the parts were thoroughly irrigated (in). About one-third of the skin of the thigh, so bumed as to form a white eschar, was subjected to Brieger's procedure ("Ptomaines," Part III.). Various drugs with reference to their influence on the rate of decomposition of sodium quadriuratc, and their solvent and other essential oils on the bacillus of tubercle temperature in man and animals duiiug fever, and tlie part phayed by the uen'ous system and the muscles iu the production of heat of simple pleural cfl'usions micro-organisms are present, and how far the clinical features of the case depend on the fine nieduUated fibres from the human spinal cord microscopic examination of the stnicture and degenerations For a research on the conduction patlis in the nei-vous systems of the lower vertebrata For a scries of experiments in order to investigate the following points; I.

Having his handkerchiefs washed is another means of communication, and smoking a friend's pipe is still another.

The female maximum mortality in aortic incompetence and aortic stenosis falls between the years of forty-nine and fifty (plus). Hence the symptoms in such cases are not acute, and their progress is very slow; and, even after the disease has been of considerable standing, we may find, on dissection, but a few small vomiciu amid the mass of tubercular disease. Cause of persistent flow, endometritis from congestion and enlargement of the uterus, possibly due to the presence of the cyst, since no other cause could be discovered. The disease enters through the skin, by direct infection through slight wounds syrup or abrasions, or through the bite of suctorial insects. Waller is convinced that the most satisfactory way of testing the efficiency of anesthetics is to employ freshly prepared nerves, and to cause them to respond to electrical stimuli while subjected to various narcotizing vapors. By the iise of this little knife, destruction of the mucous membrane is done away with.

The remedial measures must be limited to restraining the hemorrhage by rest, anodynes, and cold applications. Great swelling came on, and as it gradually subsided the prominence of the dislocated The patient complains of little or no pain or discomfort, except when making a great effort or trying to lift an unusually heavy weight No attempt at reduction was made, the difficulty of retaining the displaced cartilages in place, even if they could be forced back, being PROFRSSOR OP OPHTHALMOLOGY AND OTOLOGY IN TRINITY MBDICAL OOLLBGB, Every aurist must have remarked in the course of treatment of chronic suppuration of the middle ear that there are times when the auricle feels warmer than usual to the hand. Mottram was courtly in his address, and his manner was hindi that of a polished gentleman. "There may possibly be cases where other causes can produce the clinical appearances of glaucoma, but I have not met with them." In giving this theory a place in the classification, wc would style it the inflammatory-mechanical theory, since it is the product of the inflammation which causes the mechanical obstruction to the outflow of the tluids in the eye, on which the increased pressure depends.

He also observed, that he thought he could hear the sound of their feet when walking in the room. A still simpler method consists in pouring water into a funnel which has been fitted to one end of a rubber tube while the other end is passed into the rectum. I rather demurred at his enthusiasm, and when he saw a look of uncertainty on my face, he modified his statement and said:"Well, doctor, if I don't see them heal, I feel them heal with every application." This is a pleasant thing to be told and a pleasant thing to see. Great care must be taken that the stomach is not distended by food or drink, 40 and if gas accumulates in the stomach it should are as follows: In the gramdar form, sometimes called"parenchymatous degeneration," there develops in the protoplasm of the cardiac muscle fibres albuminous granules which differ in size and in number, and may be present in such an excess as to obscure the nuclei and stria?.

A healthy price adult can do so for a quarter or perhaps a third of a minute. In my own practice, the largest infant at whose advent I have been present weighed fifteen pounds and that spend a good part of their time lying down and whose diet has been invalid's food more than half the time become the largest, strongest, and healthiest adults. It is not unlikely, however, that, when employed sufficiently early, these inhalations keep the exuded or cast-off matters diffluent, and thus more easily detached by expectoration; and if administered in the fumes of slaking lime there is an additional advantage in the simultaneous penetration of some of the innumerable particles of suspended lime beneath the edges of the false membrane at many points, prying it up mechanically, as it were, and thus providing inlets for access of the steam which effects the detachment subsequently.

The following family history of a patient in this hospital under Dr.