The necrotic areas were found to be gradually replaced by connective tissue, and to give rise to a genuine cirrhosis. The patient attributed it to the use of a short pipe. The exposed cerebral surfaces were then subjected, at different points, to the stimulus of a galvanic current from a battery which consisted sometimes of eight, sometimes of sixteen cells; each cell being composed of a carbon and an amalgamated zinc plate, immersed in a solution of potassium bichromate, one part; sulphuric acid, one part; water, ten parts. After two days, however, the wound became free from odour, and the temperature fell to the wound in the twenty-four hours. Under simple treatment about a week, and, by the close of the third day following, had filled and perfectly cicatrized. For this reason, we undertook a restrospective study of all electrocardiographic tracings of patients with multiple sclerosis treated in our hospital, and compared them with those of other patients of the same sclerosis had been treated in our hospital for tracings (a minimum of one per year) were recorded in each case and the series for each patient was studied. He agreed with those who had spoken before him in very highly appreciating this successful attempt to show what were some of the physical processes Dr Grainger Stewart said those who were present from the beginning would know that Dr Hamilton had undertaken an explanation of only one particular aspect of the wide subject of inflammation, viz., the physics of the vascular changes. Course, Gastrointestinal Problems of tbe Elderly EMEBOKNCT DEPARTMENT PHYSICIAN: Become part Of an expanding, dynamic multispecialty clinic in midwest FULL TIME INDUSTRIAL PHYSICIAN, preferably with some rapid advancement with demonstrated ability.


Fetal Demise, An Atopy, Immunology of, (SEMINARS IN IMMUNOPATHOLOGY AND ONCOLOGY) Richard J. A good system is one of the greatest desiderata in surgery. Karl Gumpertz, the editor of the, Deutsche Medizinische Presse, has had the courage to publish my articles by which I injection attacked Dr. Our correspondent thinks that'a good artificial language' would be best, and he says"It should be within the power of scientific men to construct such a language, and if once adopted as the vehicle of science a literature would soon spring up.' A language constructed by'scientific cv men' would be a serious addition to the ever-increasing burden of modern life, and as for the'literature' that would spring up if such a tongue were invented, it cannot be thought of without a shudder. Swartz, Robert Talso, Peter J. Formerly if the organ was fixed, it could not be readily pulled down, or had its cervix badly eroded, surgical relief was unobtainable.

The wound presents an unhealthy appearance; the discharge is thin and sanious, and it is filled with pale, rather luxuriant granulations. Then the split end of the canula does not pass in smoothly, but as it is expanded, in being pushed forward over the head of the stylet, is liable to get entangled in the tissues at the edges of the triangular aperture, and so fail to enter perfectly, or, if forced in, past the obstruction, the orifice is still further stretched and the edges irritated, or perhaps lacerated; and, upon the withdrawal of the instrument, there is left a jagged, punctured wound, indisposed to heal by the first intention.

Repeated use of traditional laxatives CAUTION; Federal law prohibits dispensing without a INDICATION: For the treatment of constipation. It shall distribute and receive the attendance slips for each session of the House of Delegates and perform any other B. Iler condition remained unchanged except the cjesophagus. All those complex emotions which represent unbalanced action are just as much evidences of nervous asymmetry as are the gross appearances presented by atrophied or hypertrophied muscles indicative of muscular asymmetry, and 200 the time will come when better than now, we can demonstrate the asymmetry of brain Numerous occupations have deforming tendencies.

It was found that the blood of plague-infected rats might contain an enormous number rats occasionally died of plague with little or no septicaemia. He then returned to Florida, and since July, three months before coming to this hospital, has been making frequent trips between the Maine coast and On admission, he complained of considerable pain in the epigastric region, especially on the left side: healthcare. To avoid exacerbation of disease or adrenal insufficiency, patients on prolonged Gastrointestinal: The most frequent type of adverse reaction occurring with Motrin is diarrhea, abdominal distress, nauseaand vomiting, indigestion, constipation, abdominal cramps or pain, fullness of the Gl tract (bloating and flatulence). Dr Sanders's first care as professor of general pathology was to see that his students had the opportunities and the guidance necessary for securing an ample basis of demonstrated fact on which, in due time, a superstructure of true pathological science might be erected; and his latest as well as his earliest work bears testimony to the prominence in his mind of that essentially pure love of scientific truth for its own sake which has been in all ages the guiding star of truly great practitioners of medicine. The lecturer advocated the building of cheap sanatoriums, which could be burned down every fifth or sixth year, and the provision of separate wards for the treatment of advanced cases. Rules of eligibility require that an applicant be a premedical student of at least three years college standing; applicants must also complete the required American Medical College Admission Service forms.

Approximately one-half of all carcinoids are found in the appendix. The silk suture is solutions preferable to silver wire. Antiseptic precautions were adopted, and physiological repair by means of' lymph took place without intervention of inflammation, suppuration, putrefaction, or constitutional disturbance. In our patient, the pacemaker and digoxin controlled his arrhythmia.