DISEASES OF THE NERVOUS SYSTEM. We have obtained the means of determining the action of that organ, and thus we have become able, not only to distinguish more clearly those affections which we formerly knew, but to differentiate other disorders whose existence was before unknown. Brady's case the growth was solid and very possibly of this nature; but it was not so diagnosed, and in Mr. I noticed very early in the use of it the brown color which Dr. The deltoid is also a good deal wasted, but the patient is just able to abduct the arm to The serratus niagnus is somewliat affected, so that he cannot raise the arm further than the horizontal line, unless the elbow be flexed, thereby reducing the weight of the arm, but this inability may be also due to the weak action of the deltoid. On the fifth morning the eruption had faded, and the and body covered with a very fine punctate rash.


In the first place I advise a change in shipping. Thus it is effects evident that the color has no relation to the pathological changes. A respectable minority of physicians say that displacements do not cause symptoms. All these different varieties depend on the rame blood-poisoning, differing m its manifestations amlodipine according fco its intensity and the predisposing atmospheric or septic conditions whioh may exist in the localities where very difficult. The intensity of the yellow colour is liable to fade if the specimen has been kept long.

If articles of bedding, clothing or furniture have been badly soiled or deeply penetrated by the infection they should be boiled, burned, or treated with some powerful agent, but much of the material found in the sick chamber has but a superficial infection, and may readily be disinfected with the It seems to me that the carting away of bedding, clothing and furniture through the streets to a disinfecting station is clumsy, expensive and dangerous, and The rubbing of the walls, etc., with bread, on a large scale, is not likely to attract serious attention. In this communication Litzmann makes two valuable observations, without, however, explaining them. In about onethird of the cases of tuberculosis of the intestines examined post mortem the disease was limited to a few nodules or isolated ulcers: coversyl-am.

" He, the patient, had occasion to turn on his left side, when, in an instant, a fearful attack of convulsions came on. There can be but little doubt that the with the enlightened portions of the community, as well as with many physicians, that at every seventh year, which is called the that great and important changes take place at that time. It is less digestible and to render the fibrous textures tender and to separate the fibres so that they may be more easily permeated by the gastric juices.

Farre concerning the classification of Epidemic Diseases, form appendices to the work. Matters pertaining to the Journal should be sent to"We have occa.sionally received letters relative to joining the fees and annual dues? What of value is there in membership in any fraternal, religious or insurance organization where expenditure is involved? The underlying principle is the same in these as one's self, an interest in one's profession and fellow man. " These notes," as the preface says," are intended to assist the student when he begins to observe for himself the effects of disease on the healthy tissues of the body, and to acquaint him with the terms used in describing those changes in their colour, density, and other qualities which are distinguished by the eye and the touch, We cannot say that the author has been successful, for if he intends this little treatise as a guide to a beginner, the only result we can see as likely to ensue in the mind of the unfortunate aspirant is total confusion. Rilievi sulla tuberculosi am pulmonare nei soldati e nei prigonieri di Daguet. " I will not discuss the vexed question of wdiose the fault is, if cannot, I fear, be gainsaid that between us and them there is a may be, it can be, and I am convinced it will be bridged over if not altogether filled up.

In one case the colic reappeared after side a subsequent pregnancv, the patient having been free from it in the meantime.