In that manner of working, the operator's force is usually exerted principally outward from the spinal column. I removed a lady's eye six or seven years ago for sarcoma of the choroid; her daughter was in the office this morning and I asked about her mother's health, and she said it was perfect. I have at times discussed this question with my neighbors. Cameron said that he had operated in other cases besides these which he had mentioned.

They are probably due partly to a difference in resisting power depending upon the age of the culture, and partly to unavoidable variations in the temperature during the experiments. The state of the digestive organs demands peculiar attention: the diet should be light, wholesome, and easy of digestion; all substances which encourage flatulence should be avoided. The cause of disease is of deep interest to the student, but the world at large will ever appreciate a simple remedy that can be applied by the local physician under any circumstances. I was still able to partly relieve the distension with the long tube passed per anum. As the disease advances, the swelling of the tonsils increases; the act of swallowing becomes more painful and more difficult; liquids return through the nostrils, and there is a constant discharge of viscid saliva; the hoarseness of the voice and the impediment of the speech increase, the respiration is affected, and there is a painful sense of tension, with acute darting pains in the ear.


It is to be regretted that Prof.

During the oxidation of the alcohol, the oxidation of fat in the body diminishes. There is not the least use trying to convince us that this is all illusion and that we only think the treatment saved the patient. The results of my treatment have been uniformly good (xone). This has been a serious question of expediency for many years, and will continually creep up from time to time until something is It would be a very questionable proceeding for the profession to adopt the newspaper as a medium for publicity, and ifor many reasons. Agonising sciatica, and, since I had last seen him, the pain in his back had increased to such a degree that he could not stoop sciatica, that there was spinal complication behind it, and that the sciatica might probably be due to the extension of inflammatory agencies from the meninges of the injection cord down the sheath of the nerve. It is made use of to restore the decaying colours of old pictures, and this it does by filling up cracks and rendering the surface capable of reflecting light more uniformly. In advanced cases of phthisis, the position of a cavity is often indicated by the falling in of one of the intercostal spaces. By the foothold, the leg can be rotated on its longitudinal axis and can be raised, lowered or given lateral This treatment is good for correcting a slipped semilunar cartilage, or for treating a fibrous ankylosis. From Vesica, the urinary bladder: severe disease which may arise idiopathically; sl or may supervene on chronic inflammation, irritation of a calculus, external injury, disease more frequently attacked than all the coats. Yet in the most dreadful type of puerperal convulsions neither albumen nor When there exists much infiltration of cellular tissues, the kidneys are at fault. The hair drain, which had been inserted in their interior, was removed, and a little reddish serum flowed out. The disease began sonie months ago in the right testicle, and while that organ was in a swollen condition he got it injured, and thereafter as he tells us a gathering formed and broke, and this opening in the scrotum has continued to discharge ever since.