Cocamine is an extremely active muscle poison, and on injection subcutaneously is rapidly absorbed by the neighbouring muscles, which pass into a condition of rigor mortis, if the dose be large enough. This is a digital copy of a book that was preserved for generations on library shelves before it was carefully scanned by Google as part of "qps" a project to make the world's books discoverable online. In chronic intoxications, in cachexias, and in malnutrition in general, in which there is not a specific substance producing an increase in one or another variety of leukocyte, there is a leukopenia, and the different leukocytes appear to be decreased in about the same proportion.


Guaita thinks that the good effect of the drug is due partly to its inhibitory action on the nervous system, and partly to its antiseptic properties; he calls it the" sovereign remedj', for the present at least, in grammes of syrup of oi-ange peel, with an equal quantity of distilled water, in four doses in twenty-four hours, increasing the dose of antipjTin to one or one and a half gramme, according to the indications.

It is all but impossible to marshal complicated facts in such homogeneous groups as will admit of scientific analysis and comparison. Medical men will, moreoi-er, do well, we think, to bear in mind that it is only under very exceptional circumstances that they are sustained of a physician under the plea tliat it passed to him with the transfer of his predecessor s practice.

In the form of ointment, where fats do freshly made spermaceti cerate, vaseline, fossiline, or purified benzoated lard, etc. Now it is very desirable that the syphilis in particular should not be communicated from one person to another, and that it should be stamped out entirely. ? It given in postpartum cases to prevent hemorrhage? I cannot understand a good many columns to refer to each. On lifting up the first free portion of the Jejunum, there could be seen behind and to the right of it a fossa, bounded by a sharp peritoneal fold, which, for want of a better term, I call the' plica para-jejunalis.' On introducing the finger into the. Among the best, are plus iodine, iodide of potassium and nitrate of eilver. But their duties as a rule keep them out of harm's way.

Who is of variolous pustules? There is not a year, I may say there is hardly a month, in which I do not point out to you in our wards new-born infants suffering with syphiKs engendered by a father or conceived by a mother affected with that disease. A marked retention usually occurs before the crisis in fevers, and immediately after this the excretion is greatly increased. You will also observe from the table, that if the temperature had always remained in the morning at the point at which it was on the preceding evening, there would have been at the end of the fourth day a definitive elevation of five degrees, but as it fell every morning, the actual table also shows you, that on the evenings of the third and fourth ascertained by Thierfelder the following conclusions have been Need I, gentlemen, insist upon the clinical importance of these statements? With their assistance you can from the very first make a differential diagnosis between dothinenteria, ephemeral fever, and an eruptive fever, such for example as scarlatina, and at the fifth day of a case hitherto doubtful, you will be furnished with data for stating that it is not dothinenteria. Scientists have been trying for a long time to divide sarcomas off from the cancers but they have never succeeded in making a distinction that was of practical importance. This must be gotten rid of promptly, if possible, especially if there be the least odor, and here the curette comes in. It is, of course, not possible "price" here to detail the facts on which this broad assertion is based. One of the most injuri- _ rig:, ts, when the air is expelled. " We know not when consciousness begins in the animal world.