Mean death-rate of the whole population to be twenty-two per thousand, and the average of deaths from phthisis, or consumption, to be three per thousand, we find that the deaths from phthisis are nearly one-seventh of the entire mortality (Hirsch). Friedenwald, M.D Professor of Clinical Pediatrics John H.

Finish up the citrate of potash and sweet spirits of nitre, only one passage to-day, until my arrival, when I caused him to urinate, which is high colored, pale- pumpkin-colored. A Monthly Journal of Medical and Surgical Science, Issued Promptly on the First of every Month. The cows remained in the same pasture another week, and were fed with mangel-wurzul and hay, each cow having half-a-bushel, sliced, and given to her morning and evening; the week's quarts of milk, seventeen pints of cream, and six pounds and three quarters of butter (tablet). Next comes an article by the Italian surgeon, Francisco Durante, entitled"Observations on Certain Cerebral Localizations." Following this is a clinical lecture,"Antiseptic Treatment of Wounds," by on Pasteur and Lister. In very violent attacks of this disorder, the drench should be assisted by giving the animal whey every three or four hours, and throwing up a clyster (sluz). You will see by this that the current is spread over much surface represented by the painful peripheral nerves which are near the surface, and is concentrated at that point where it has to pass through much dense tissue to reach the spinal cord or even the spinal nerve trunks.

By these methods depth dose can be increased as satisfactorily as by increasing the voltage and at decidedly less expense. Such puncture is likely to be of much service in strangulated hernia in order to aid the induction, especially when aspiration is combined with puncture. She became at the could be like it; and for days and days nothing would warm me." Cough, pain in the chest, restless uneasiness, difficulty of breathing, and night sweats and debility, followed in due time. The tests have been set aside. This group were entirely free from symptoms. The pulse and temperature After the patient had suffered for six weeks to Marion Sims Sanatorium for operation. From his brother he received a slight idea of medicine and determined to study, taking to it like a fly to molasses. What must I do? ami ( asily capable of expanding, I have found that the administration of ergot, ten drops in a teaspoonful of water, every fifteen minutes, will gradually increase the contractions and carry the labor through in a reasonable time. A compound fracture of the base from other cause than bursting is unusual, though it may occur when a weapon, a bullet, or other missile has entered the skull from below. All the while he was building up a name as a general practitioner, a surgeon and an insurance examiner. A tender, fecal tumor may be felt in the belly and accumulation of dried feces by two ounces of castor oil should be given and, if there are dry, hard, impacted feces in the lower bowel, the use of injections of sweet oil (Sviii) and followed by warm water should be persisted in. Was consulted for the first time to-day upon this case, and received the following history of it from the young lady's mother. In view of a possible fracture.


A member of my own family is now taking it with debility; no appetite, sleepiness, sudden heats and flushes, and her assimilative power feeble in the extreme. We have failed to provide any reasonable mechanism for dealing with these problems (disnim). Allegheny, Pa., and now we hear it is vice versa.

In a few minutes the motions commencing again, she was suffered to dance five minutes, when the drums again began to roll, the effect of which was instantaneous; the motions ceased, and the patient sat down. If such a preparation be put into air-tight and sterilised jars, all will have been accomplished that can be done to render the food sterile, and thus fulfil the chief indications in the prevention of the most serious gastro-intestinal derange merits!'" Such a food, too, zuould have the advantage of being easily and rapidly prepared by addition of sterilized water, affording an altogether sterilized food!' To the Aledical Profession at large we submit for examination and trial the perfected Milk Food known as LACTO-PREPARATA. No attempt has been made to cover the entire field in this presentation but to review the current opinion of the most widely used methods in the past five years. Culver, M.D Assistant Albert R.

Invading at once the whole surface of the body. He described the colour of the poison as being On the nineteenth day of September, the above-named Balavignus confessed, without torture, that about three weeks after Whitsuntide, a Jew named Mussus told him that he had thrown poison into the well in the custom-house of that place, the property of the Borneller family; and that he no longer drank the water of this well, but that of the lake. In spite of much handicap, health teaching has made progress, particularly in the elementary schools.