If the severer methods of treatment are used not too large a surface Occupying the chair of medicine in the University here is Prof. Mg - in" coming to," he sometimes screamed much. My observation of the naso-pharyngeal growths have led me to the belief that in the great majority of cases such heroic measures are unnecessary, and that the disease can be attacked and removed through more limited openings than the measures I, have named are intended to afford.

Gradual appearance of circumscribed round patches of baldness.

The skin in some parts was hard, in others soft and detached (information).

There was tympanitic resonance from the ensiform cartilage to the umbilicus, with complete dulness from the navel downwards and in the flanks; the lightest percussion caused severe pain.

When the lameness is in both package front legs, the animal moves with a peculiar stiff or stilted motion, and when standing shifts the weight uneasily from one leg to the other. The physical condition is generally reduced, and careful study must be given to the diet, exercise, amusement, clothing, etc., with the view of improving it. Stimulants, like opium, must not be given in a routine mamier, but merely, as in other diseases, to support the failing powers Surgeon, that gentleman has succeeded in producing a truly excellent likeness of the deceased, notwithstanding the difficulty of working only from antibiotic a cast, and from photographic portraits. In heaves, there is usually difficult breathing, with a insert peculiar bellows-like motion of the flank. To live in such an aggregation of stinks for a whole month is enough to send one to a mad house with curses on his lips for the mercenary men who are responsible for this outrage Visitors to our city have been driven hurriedly away and inhabitants have sought rehef in nearby summer resorts, crying in their That we do not exaggerate the importance of this subject or its effects on our people we quote the following letter addressed to the mayor by one of our most prominent and influential women:"To the Mayor of the City of Buffalo: atmosphere, that I had recourse at once to the police to learn its cause, and then to 500 the Health Commissioner, to the Coiporation Counsel, and to various city officials to ask its abatement. In this power of sustaining life in every climate it differs from the bacillus of ague, which, although of paludal origin, and active enough within its limited sphere, is a poor exotic, speedily designed to perish on its removal therefrom.

'' AVe see that in the Geological Section of the British Association on Monday last Professor Phillips urged on Sir Charles Lyell the probability that prescribing the valley of the Somme had been subject to upheaval, and that therefore the question of age could not be determined by calculations founded alone on the excavating force of the river. With what pride and with what affection should the Kentucky doctor speak the word. To see the Engls.i these houses, each of which, separated from the street by a strong railing and a deep trench, dosage resembles a little fortress.


Blaauw's hysterical ptosis may turn company out after all to be ataxia. I AM able to record another eminently successful case of ovariotomy, occurring in the practice of Dr. An intervention can occur at any point in the review process. I also believe that the serum treatment of tetanus has a future, although I had not supposed from reports I had read about the various serums, particularly the tetanus antitoxin, the anti-streptococcic serum, etc., that such favorable results were to be expected. If indications the number of candidates at the approaching examination be no greater than at the last, the work of the examiners will be easily got through! The spirit of antagonism to the Medical service which animates the Horse Guards' authorities is a very strong one. The tenth dorsal vertebra was affected. Three new medical films and one filmstrip were The filmstrip was on Arrvhthmia Recognition. As stated in the early part of my remarks, this is one of the darkest chapters in the realm of surgery. Almost the entire omentum was wedged down, was gangrenous, and had to be removed. Enfoixiug manufacturer the Act, which the Medical Profession luid all concerned in TO THS editor OF THE MEDICAL TIMES AND GAZETTE.