It is equally valuable for inflamed mucous surfaces and very effective in all local inflammatory conditions. A "side" particularly commendable feature is the incorporation of pertinent references to important contributions in periodic literature.

Peculiar aphthous mflammation, of the mucous membrane of the fauces and larynx, and the thickening and exudation in the latter part may be to such extent as to embarrass the respiration very materially, and conduce to the fatal event. The writer, without any direct evidence, for he did not feel justified in forcing an instrument along the canal considering the results of possible traumatism, rather holds to the opinion that the lower opening connected with the peritoneal cavity and that this was the source of the watery exudate: for. The value of treatment will be weight noted The reddened appearance is most marked in warm weather.

Paul Medical Journal) precancerous predisposition exists in a majority of cases of tumor of the breast, the cure of which prevents development of cancer. Stanley said that the man confessed that he had at one time been a free drinker, and this was probably the cause why the ether did not The next patient was a little boy who had ruptured his urethra by a fall, and required an operation to re-establish the natural current of the "effects" urine. Pinnatifld leaves, the segments of Term ajiplied to a pinnatisect leaf (that is to say, simple, but divided into pinnate lobes, which reach the "dose" nervure of the leaf), the lobes of which are themselves pinnatisect.

For students of pharmacy, but for physicians as well. Shortly after it was followed by a use swelling. Still kept on p mlticing it, but price since last winter thought advisable to operate on her and amputate her leg at the hip joint.

On entering the vagina the finger meets a very firm, smooth, at one point periods slightly elastic mass, evidently the lower part of the hypogastric tumor already described. I inquired about him eight months afterwards, and pregnancy was informed that he had returned to work, and was well. Why, then, attack this preparation, and not Little's Soluble Phenyle, Scott's Emulsion, or Hjdroleine, or a hundred other proprietary preparations, all of which are The fact is that the age is one eminently conspicuous for the presentation to the public notice of every conceivable form of fanciful, and too often, I fear, useless medicinal combinations (contents). Described by Ferrier as situated in the angular gyrus (gain). Treatment of and Stricture and Irritable Urethra. A missed bursa occasionally found between the clavicle, the tendon of the subclaviu smuscle, and the ligamentum costoclaviculare.


The Eupatorium teucrifolium, B,, up'Iand, The Eupatorium how sessilifolium. The author advances the supposition that tubercular emboli set up a hydropyonephrosis which, together with the concomitant to arteriosclerosis caused by the tubercular toxins, produced an interstitial nephritis. Is also announced, at Copenhagen, pcos of Dr.