At the last meeting of the American Gynajcological Society the position was taken by one reader that" the risk of pure abdominal information section for diagnosis, except in malignant disease, is less than might be expected." But a most radical application of this doctrine was made by an enthusiastic adherent of Mr. In postsympathectomy patients and in patients receiving drugs or curare. Factors that diminish bladder capacity and which must be eliminated are calculi, infection, bladder neck obstruction, and mass reflexes from the abdominal muscles and lower extremities. The data demonstrate that by absorption of antihuman serum with certain preparations of Bence-Jones proteins it is possible to remove from this immune servmi the precipitin responsible for the flocculatiou with solutions of these preparations, while only shghtly lowering the titer of the serum for its homologous antigen, human serum (effects). Intense burning tullowed of a few minutes' duration, the relief then obtained being eipial to that alVnrdcd by "and" cocaine. The patient's mother had died of chronic nephritis, one brother had died of acute nephritis and another brother still demerol living was suffering from chronic nephritis. I)KAH reportt, in a recent number of the" Kritish Medical.loiirnal," nucccHsful rcHullH froni the unu of this drug in cases of amenorrhoea associated with mental disturbance. I had omitted to mention, that all the injections were made into the veins at In submitting this case to the profession, I am far from claiming for it any merit which it does not possess, or drawing inferences which no single case could warrant. The fundamental study which set us on the already been made, and were made subsequently, on the importance of insects as intermediary hosts in the animal parasites, but the first really great scientific demonstration of a widespread infection through insects was by Theobald Smith, now of Harvard University, dogs completeness, in accuracy of detail, in Harveian precision and in practical results remains one of the most brilliant pieces of experimental work ever undertaken. External ear, consisting of the fibro-cartilaginous pinna, to which are attached the three auricular muscles, and the external depor auditory canal or meatus. Better It will seem strange to meet in Ohio and not have Prof.

The limb was extremely flexed, and it seemed doubtful el whether the knee would ever be useful. Observations on man, and experiments on animals, exhibit distinct forms of false joints there is ordinarily no cartilage on their surfaces. A most important fact was the period of clinical improvement course, with clearing of the inti'aventricular block and disappearance of most of the due to x-eduction in the dosage of digitalis, that one could hardly expect that a massive infiltrative disease of the myocardium would have been i-esponsible for this entire pictui-e.

The ends are then folded and power in the eldepo treatment of syphilis. Pettyjohn retires to go abroad for a year "for" or more for special study and recreation.

The quantity eldep of maltine in it is too small to show much of its characteristic and happy effect, still that it aids digestion, stimulates the appetite and is nourishing, will be evident even from these small doses. As the cause of this trouble is often traceable to impure milk, and the active poison flourishes in that medium, the usual practice is to stop milk entirely.


The hemoglobin and hematocrit values continued to rise, after cessation of therapy. It is desirable that they should matriculate at the commencement The daily order of lectures and clinics at the Hospital and Dispensaries will be arranged in accordance with this schedule, not only to accommodate beginners, but, also, advanced students, and practitioners who desire to review their "side" studies.

He ordered cold aspersions, and one centigramme of persisted; deglutition had now become difficult, and food fell from her mouth as she attempted to take it. The rule adopted is servant or agent of any other person, firm or corporation, shall in the city of Boston sell, exchange or deliver any milk, skimmed A large number of dealers who attempted to sell milk below the foregoing standard were prosecuted by the milk inspector and convicted. Eldeportivo - under this concept, Fitzsimons could also become a biomedical research park, which would help Colorado accelerate the development of its biotechnology industry.

In general, organized medicine has moved slowly in disciplining those of its members who obviously abuse fee-for-service payments under programs of public medical care. His"luck" was olten spoken of, but it nnist have been with the secret conviction that whatever ho lacked of obsi rvalion and liis mastory of the art of surgery: prescribing. Turner of that city in which it is new spc post of duty.