Nor is its action more serviceable in hastening abortion when this is already started, or to assist in the expulsion of a placenta retained in utero. They possessed all the indications in the treatment of this disease, as well as the numerous measures and methods of putting them into execution. This initial dyspnea is of short duration, for the respirations soon become very shallow and finally disappear altogether, there follows total apnea, the so-called asphyctic"preterminal respiratory pause." The curve of blood-pressure shows, parallel with the appearance of dyspnea, a steep and considerable rise, associated in the beginning with an unchanged, later with a diminished frequency of pulse. The diminished amount of chlorides, found in lobar pneumonia is of great value in the differential diagnosis of this form of pneumonia from well as that of urea and uric acid are likewise of importance.

Said in conclusion that typhoid fever is not a diseaseentity, but evidently consists of a group of affections caused by specific microbes belonging to a series of micro-organisms that have many morphological and cultural similarities (tablet). Ounces Mix the acid and water, and pour on charcoal; digest for two days, occasionally stirring. If one gave chloroform and attempted to break up and remove the foreign matter piecemeal with the linger or curette, portions were likely to be left behind, and were a certain source of future trouble.


Even the much abused contract surgeon finds his field of effort growing because of the increased demand for centralized medical protection under the auspices of industries, imions, and compensation commissions, to which the future may add the requirements of physicians to carry out provisions of health insurance laws.

As the field is therefore a new one, from a scientific point of view, there is naturally price a considerable diversity of opinion, even in regard to the simplest problems to be met with. They are then obliged, if pressed to continue, to use their reserve energy, and they are worn out and become practically useless in a short time. Ground upon a conrcv or I concave cylinder. Both of these showed thrombosis, and one apparently had ruptured recently to give rise to extensive subarachnoid hemorrhage. The secondary treatment refers to permanent or final treatment. Later on, when it became necessary to these patients"suffered with hemothorax of varying degrees of severity." In referring to the only case of empyema uses seen by him during the whole campaign, he informs us that it followed the removal of a lodged bullet, and that the additional wound doubtless proved the source of infection because of the difficulty of maintaining asepsis in wounds treated under such questionable surroundings as one encounters in the field.

These and many more similar cases from hospital records show a point upon which sufficient stress is not laid, namely, that the operation for stricture of the urethra does no good unless the after-treatment, the continual passage of a sound or bougie, is faithfully carried out, and that if we are not watchful in so doing, the inflammatory action will again get the upper hand and will make the case as bad if not worse than before. Digestion remained good and appetite fair. Penta, Delegate Schenectady Herbert L. By auscultation an area of a certain extent may be found where the natural breathing sound is diminished or entirely lost. The author briefly discusses identification of the beetle, prophylaxis, and treatment. It is found in commerce, in billets of various sizes, having a smooth, brittle bark. Tested by this talisman, how stands our country? Let us look at the various specifications. If the stomach be exposed in a cadaver and a couple of towels laid upon it, on palpation over them the pvloricring is readily felt.

Advised in inflamed ulcers of the glans penis, to be applied two or three Compound Mercurial Ointment.