Fowler's observation, he had suffered from double inguinal adenitis. No doubt a jealousy of any interference with the great institution of trial by jury is the cause of the mode of procedure in this country; but such jealousy is altogether out of place; and we are confident that trials would be conducted with far greater fairness both for the crown and for the prisoner (as well as in many civil suits), if the professional questions which are constantly arising, and which can only be satisfactorily replied to by trained medical men, were remitted to an independent and impartial board. When the intruder is arrested near the entrance of the oesophagus into the stomach, particularly if it be angular or irregular in shape, though of only moderate volume, we may be permitted to express the belief that the axiom formulated by Arnott in regard to a foreign body seated high up, namely, that the rule of practice ought to be removal by incision, although no urgent symptoms may be present, when it has resisted a fair trial for its extraction or displacement, is correct. FELLOW or THE NEW YORK ACADEMY OF MEDICINE; FELLOW OF THE MASSACHUSETTS MEDICAL SOCIETY; LABYNGOLOGIST TO THE SPRINGFIELD CITY HOSPITAL: gel.

If the blood pressure remains constant or rises and returns to normal in one to two minutes after the bath it indicates cardiac efficiency; if it falls or rises first and then falls rapidly without a tendency to rise again after several minutes it suggests inefficient myocardium. Had it been in continuity with the present seat of the diseased portion of the larynx that fact would have been elicited gradually, and not by the sudden announcement of a swelling. Proceeded acrainst for nefrlect of duty: and should any such board be prosecuted for enforcing said order, they may, if necessary, employ counsel to defend them in such suit, and pay said counsel out of any school funds of their district not otherwise specifically The protection of the public henlth from the loathsome and deadly scourfi:e of smallpox, is a paramount obligation, and nothing can or should or will excuse school boards or other officers or persons concerned, from doinir their whole duty in the premises. Spasm of the glottis have no connection etiologically with tetany; moreover, some relation must exist between spasm of the glottis and rickets which probably indicate more than a mere coincidence.

At a meeting of the Discipline Committee duly called and against Harry Alfred Turofsky, of which due notice had been given, were considered by the Committee, all the members of the Committee being present, as follows: Dr. I), which showed clearly the extent of injury, thereby Dr. Table III may be summarized as follows: All the cases coming under the heading"improved" and"a little improved" are included in the favorable cases, while the rest are classified among During the first period many patients lost in weight, while in the second period the reverse was the case.

In the latter event the case was left to nature, with the hope that in the near future it might be vomited up, or find its way into the stomach and be passed by the rectum. Ferguson, the following were appointed a committee to strike the standing Cruickshank, Stewart, and the mover and "tablet" seconder. As soon as the bone was removed, a quantity of dark-coloured blood mixed with serum, which had been confined in the joint, flowed out. It was found, continues the writer, that in parts of the tunnel between Baker Street and Gower Street the proportion plus of carbonic acid was commonly as high as sixty or seventy volumes to every ten thousand. In cases of this kind, the surgeon would, most likely, perform an iridectomy and ameliorate the patient's condition. The difficulty he (Dr Seller) had always experienced was this, that he had had no opportunity of contrasting such cases of marriages of consanguinity as he had known tQ cftects had followed. It is to be removed as soon as the serre-nceud is applied above or outside it, of course. Willi.am Hunt said that the rapidity with which this exudation takes place explains many cases of recovery after wounds of the intestine where laparotomy the abdomen it is often difficult to say what damage has been done. This was easily relieved, but the patient died a year or two later from ttiberculosis. This proportion gives arsenic far in excess of that contained in the arsenical powders of.Swediaur, Cosme, Dupuytren, Pluckett, and Government have, it is stated, introduced into the Reichsrath a strong measure for the prevention of drunkenness.


If the symptoms last for more than a few OTANI: TREATMENT OF TUBERCULOSIS WITH CYANOCUPROL.