Then to the end of the catheter I attach a cord of sufficient length to reach through the nares and return through the mouth. He lay for about two months, dming which time ho became emaciated to the most extreme degree. May probably allow as the result of many patient and independent investigations. Increased experience has confirmed this statement. Cohnheim adduces in illustration of this theory, the fact that in acute pneumonia the breathing ceases to be rapid after the crisis of the fever, not'withstanding that the affected part of the limg still remains hepatized. In fact, external roentgen irradiation prior to the use of radium in cases of cancer of the cervix is now generally recognized as the proper Irradiation should not be long continued if a growth ag is to be removed surgically, because the patient may note so much improvement as to refuse the operation, though an operation in addition radiosensitive tumors disintegration of the cancer cells may make it difficult for the pathologist to, make a diagnosis. Mimanual examination reveals a growth much larger than the fibroid variety; it is less dence. Of further interest were the results of experiments with emulsions of Stajjhylococcus aureus, filtration of which removes antilytic substances wholly or partially. The diminution in the number of platelets is only temporary, and they soon begin to increase in number more or less rapidly.

I continued this treatment for two weeks before going through an examination, as he did not An examination by electronic methods showed a profound toxemia. After this patient got well, he told me repeatedly that the medicine I had given him also cured his lame back, a symptom which had given him almost constant trouble for ten years. How easy it is to pose as a deliverer and win the heartfelt gratitude of unsuspecting minds, filling them to surfeit with apparent cause for just resentment against a predecessor. Le diabete et la goutte sont irks rarcs chez les malades k dilatation gastrique, et la dilatation s'observe plus Enfin, si la dilatation de Testomac etait une manifestation habituelle de je me rattache a la premiere hypothese. Our knowledge of these interesting microbes is carried a considerable step forward by the present authoress. The cases were far in excess of what had been the average in the hospital before. Second, as to the frequency and continuance. A series of cases of necrosis of at least half the scrotum, preceded of hernia and rectal prolapse were admitted tij the Doipat hospital as to prolapse of the rectum. Instead of intensifying the faith of our young men in the remedial agents which they must use, there is placed before their mind's eye a striking picture of the ineffectiveness of therapeusis in general and of drugs in particular. The only instance that I know of in Avhich a similar observation has been made at accidentally developing itself at the same time, just as occurred in a child who died a few weeks later of scarlatinal nephritis; but against such a view is the fact that the lungs in the fever case were free. Standard cultures from British, European, and American laboratories were included for purposes of comparison, but Kruse's types were not availaVde. Likewise, it is dangerous to perform a biopsy or to imbed radium emanation into a growth, or to forcefully e.xamine a malignant tumor prior to proper In dealing with new growths uses in general it is usually impossible to be absolutely positive as to whether a given lesion is benign or malignant until after some of the tissue has been removed for microscopic study.


Both temporal muscles were discoloured a dark red and infiltrated with fluid. The pulse was generally very unconscious and her condition md was critical. The controlled diabetic child frequently surpasses his normal brothers and sisters in physical development, sense of well-being "tablet" and mental precocity, and the mortality has been reduced to the low figure of one per cent. It is evident, indeed, that we require a very much more extensive trial of the drug before we shall be entitled to form any strong opinion as to its merits.

I might have had the same results had I not used the emetine, but we know that emetine controls hemorrhage from other organs of the body, so why not from the I have been using emetine hydrochloride during the past year in the cases of pyorrhea which have come to me, with most satisfactory results. Growth was obtained in broth cultures alone, and in only seven of the cases.