It is easy to imagine that in an excessive inflammation of the follicles of the lashes they may so send out their hairs as to force them into an abnormal direction, just as we find a similar condition in the'' kinky" hair of the negro.


The following prediction is made by Ernst:"In spite of the great number of unknown points that still surround this new theory of immunity by defensive proteids it can already be predicted that it will drops come out victorious in the struggle in which it is engaged, with the numberless hypotheses and the old prejudices that surround and encumber this branch of general pathology.

Amenorrhoea, dependent on torpor of the ovaries, may be removed by the persistent use of auric preparations. One child, who was suffering from acute periostitis, and had been transferred to the west attic (where the first case of cholera was received) in consequence of the superyention of measles, contracted the disease, and died during the first week of the epidemic.

Anesthesia, analgesia, amaurosis and deafness ensued. We make an autopsy and decide whether or not there has been criminal A child is found dead. To five years, about three per cent. Helleborin, the glucoside from the Christmas rose, is also a local aniesthetic and cardiac tonic; one-fortieth of a grain in solution placed on the conjunctiva of a rabbit causes complete aniosthesia in fifteen minutes, and there is at the same time no interference with the movements of the pupil and no dilatation of vessels. Hia face is red, his voice is loud, and his laugh is like the explosion of a volcano. The abstract just presented showed no case of tetany in typhoid fever in this country. In these cases the removal of the polypus, except where it offers serious obstruction to the escape of pus, is useless until the acute inflammation of the mastoid is relieved. The symptoms during life had been those of an ordinary CoUes' fracture, with the addition, that the shaft of the ulna was broken stbout two inches and a-half from the wrist. Were ten deaths from price it, and during the week ending March were none, and for several weeks before that there had been but one or two deaths a week.

Bread aud butter, gruel, milk and brandy, eggs, oysters I and whltefish suited her beat. A certificate would in future be granted after examination, and already a large number of applications to be admitted had been received from master and operative plumbers. Respiration irregular, now hurried, now slowed. Bridges (of the Local Government Board), Buzzard, B. This is no reflection on our calling. Comparing version' with craniotomy, it must be remembered that the former is useless unless there is some hope of saving the child; its performance is otherwise only adding another danger to those already existing. It is true, attacks of eclampsia may be repeated, but unless the repeated attacks can be shown to have depended upon one or other of the conditions which ordinarily give rise to eclampsia, every repetition of the convulsion renders our suspicion as to its In describing an eclamptic seizure, it is Important to remember that the convulsion differs In no way from an attack of epilepsy.

Kartulis claims to have secured pure cultures of the amoeba in decoctions of fresh straw. From these it is gathered that in apoplexy there is an initial lowering of the temperature, sinking one or two degrees, Thus it is seen, that an insensible condition proceeding from alcohol, fracture of the skull, opium poisoning, and apoplexy, are all of them subject, at times, to exhibit low temperatures, and, therefore, the thermic test cannot be relied on as a means of differential diagnosis between these various conditions. It gave her no trouble whatever, and had been discovered by accident only a short time before, though it must have been growing for many years. Especially are the difficulties of the eye problem enhanced by the unusual complication of fibroids with pregnancy.