Has tonic, and an endeavour to secure a more free menstrual flow. In the case of the so-called Aztec children, exhibited here some years ago, the unsatisfactory statements as to their origin succeeded in producing a strong feeling of disbelief in the minds of many as to the truth of the story told. Joseph Haepee, Barnstaple; The Deak of the Medical Depaetmest of Kisg's College, London; The Seceetaet OF the Sanitary Ixstittte of Geeat medicine Beitaix, Newcastle-upon-Tyne; the Criticisms of the Simplicity of Life, by Ralph Richardson, M.A., Physiology done for the Advancement of the Practice of Surgery? by Royal Westminster Ophthalmic, li p.m. Now, this favorite panacea was in the shape of a suppository, which, on inquiry, I found to contain a third of a grain of morphine and one-half a grain of acetate of lead. In the milder cases of nervous disorders, nothing more than general directions in regard to hygiene, diet, and electricity, or general faradization, applied cautiously, are useful if the patient can" stand it." It is also advisable to prescribe tonics, alone, or in combination with antidyspeptic remedies, if in any way indicated. The results were good and without deformity. Laughlin, Chautauqua: I think it should be cleared up as to what is the annual meeting.

The water drunk by the plaintiff after leaving the main passed into plaintiff's premises through tablet leaden service-pipes wliich had been laid down by the Corporation at the request and at the expense of the plaintiff or his landlord. This khid of' over-twist' is one of the simplest and most expeditious modes of acupressure for smaller vessels.

Twenty tabular pages are allotted to the origin, direction, and insertion of the muscles, with their action and nerve-supply; while thirty-two more are given to the" Table of Bacteria and Fungi," with their origin, morphological characters, proper temperature for culture, properties, etc., as well as a complete list of all bacteriological diseases. Afterwards, he said strong in the same manner as yesterday." name to her in a manner that she distinctly understood.

On the one hand, it is affirmed that this disease is extremely frequent in this class of animals, particularly in the domestic rabbit; researches, both by post-mortem examinations and by questioning physiologists who have experimented a good deal upon rabbits, it is probable that tuberculosis is rare in tliis class of animals. Subject to the exclusions noted below, it agrees to pay on behalf of the insured such damages as the an attempt to define it, this inclusive wording avoids the implication that the policy is limited to specifically listed acts. Three cases of drowsiness developed, two among patients benefiting from meprobamate. It contains nothing new in reference to drunkenness as a form of mental disorder. Holmes's letter reads as follows:" My Dear Sir: Everybody wants to have a hand in a great discovery. The cells and their fatty contents may be discharged, or they may remain and accumulate in the kidney, but in either case the secreting power of the organ Dr Flint speaks of the waxy kidney as being rare; this is certainly not the case in this country, and we believe that, when it is supposed to be so, it is because the observer is not familiar with its We must here conclude our notice of Dr Flint's work.


Tliey demonstrated, what all who have seen anything of English physicians know to be genuine features of for character and ability. Like most journalists, make it our business to meet this want so far as lies in our power, by putting tab before our readers without loss of time that which we think will interest them. ' Would you like the next bottle to be port or sherry?' No answer.

Usual spontaneous clinical symptoms (urticaria, asthma) and that refractoriness developed to the histamine liberator is paralleled with clinical improvement in the occurrence of symptoms, stress the relationship between release of histamine and clinical allergy and also indicate the clinical possibilities of this new series of compounds.

Parenchymatous injections are preferred, and are practised in the"majority of cases (calm). This substance is marked by a strong pungent odour resembling that of oil of mustard. Acting on the belief that these attacks originated in congestion, Dr.

He claimed that the Davis forceps could be employed as an axis-tractor at all points with safety to the foetus and mother, and did not require removal as the head reached the perineum. But on laparotomy nothing may be In the upper portion of the small intestine, movement is more rapid and is slower in the ileal portion. The chest is obviously enlarged on the right side; the shoulder raised (for). F Visceral larva migrans is the clinical syndrome resulting from the invasion and migration through human viscera by nematode larvae normally found in animals.