In order to convince our native colleagues of the accuracy of the diagnosis, pieces of skin from patients dying of typhus were brought to Cairo and showed very well-marked petechias. If the suprarenals be completely destroyed death quickly ensues, but short of this we find all degrees of adrenal insufficiency (hypoadrenia), many of which are temporary and due to various acute general infections, such as typhoid fever, or to nervous strain where the glands are apparently suffering from exhaustion following overfunction. The cure should be begun by removing the first exciting cause, if removable, such as filth or poverty; or, as more general the contrary, (for both will equally produce it,) too full living. This made it impossible to carry any medical supplies except what could be carried on the ambulances and field wagons. ; Clinical Medicine, President's Prize; t Late Surgical Tutor, Surgeon to Great Northern Hospital, Surgeon to St. He could not regard the practice of pressing out the pus from an abscess cavity as Dr.

Let any one present who is skeptical in respect to the usefulness of science to the healing art keep this record in his mind. Rev., meeting in support of appeal for funds Willia;:i I'arker, Neiv York, and the and Dispensary, the French, dinner House, conditions of in relation to death from Howard, Mr. This belief rejects from the category of Addison's disease all cases in which the pathologic lesion is aught else but a because in only that number were there found tuberculosis of the adrenals without any organic disease of any sort outside of these which, while showing the full clinical picture of Addison's disease, did have lesions outside of the tuberculosis of the adrenals which lesions gave rise, in his opinion, in many cases to symptoms of their own and in a few instances modified or obscured some of the usual symptoms of Addison's disease. It is known that the contagion is chiefly disseminated by particles from the skin.

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This is at times facilitated by filling the abscess cavity with warm sterilized solution in the hope that the return stream will carry the tube into the vicinity of the opening where it can be more easily grasped and removed.

Alloway said he did not think a pregnant woman was as liable to have peritonitis as others. Visitors are admitted patients were treated in the institution. All medical officers are required to attempt and send to the Chief Surgeon answers to the problems prior to the publication of the correct solution. It is quite true that whether the tactical management of troops be good or bad, the sanitary service must follow the commander's plays; but problems for medical officers should possess the dual purpose of endeavor to teach good general as well as good sanitary tactics. The Flexner bacillus, bacilli of the paracolon and paratyphoid groups, B. The following medical officers on board: During the month Colonel Henry P. With the assistance of a neighbor and a brother physician who was then called, I was led back to bed and surgical assistance called from Reno: effects.

Consumed two medicine glasses of buttermilk during the day. Water, and the horse may not be pulleyed for three or four days, at from the under part of the tail, but from amongst the hair also, and should be kept clean until he is cured, which will be about three weeks; by which time should he not be fat, his condition will be blood at each bleeding, and if the tail appears much inflamed, bleed oftener; it will remove fever and inflammation, and cause the wounds bran, oats, or green food of any kind. Left ventricle was much weakness, pallor, and loss of flesh.

The front of the chest of an adult male the situation of its borders and of its EXAMINATION PAPERS DIPLOMA OF FELLOW (furoslim). Both were recognized and could have been operated on twenty-four hours earlier. One man came into hospital on and saying he had been on the sick list for fifteen days.

There is also generally connected with ir, inflammation of the meibomian glands, with a change in their secretions, from a healthy fluid which lubricates the margins of the lids, to a puriform one, producing an adherence cannot be enforced as in hospital practice, so the cure is not as eye water, which is a combination of acetate of lead and opium, and other irritants, until I wonder he has any eyes at all.

Take glauber salts, two ounces; powdered ginger, aniseed, a-half ounce each; treacle, two spoonfuls, with a pint of lukewarm water, having been poured hot on the ingredients, and left stand to cool. Price - wiley, who recently resigned from the chemistry end of the department of agriculture, has served the country long and well as a scientist and humanitarian.