The third subject has received attention in the social and economic efforts in past and present reso lutions and bills that have been introduced into Congress dealing with the extension of the Social Security Program for the provision of health insurance. Surgeon-General Sternberg's tab report for the before us an advance summary, is of more than usual interest because of the added duties and responsibilities of the medical arm of the service incident to our recently acquired possessions. Cuvier distinctlv states, that he knows of no animal unprovided with such an On the other hand, plants do not contain any I irate, internal cavity for the reception of their nourishment, which they absorb by pores on their surface, and especially by their rooxs and leaves. Indeed, a great calamity has befallen us in the retirement and resignation of our beloved and peerless leader. Some make the two words, contagion and infection, strictly synonymous." He then quotes Crabbe on English Synonyms, who, in explaining the difference between contagion and infection, hopelessly mixes them in a labyrinth of perplexities, by confounding the nature of the diff'erent diseases, the one for the other. Burke, who has been assistant to of Minnesota Medical School with degrees of B.S., military service in the Medical Corps of the Army. Police Justice King said he was opposed to long sentences in primary and accidental cases, but thought them proper in habitual cases; believes surface railways lessen crime by improving the environment of the people who otherwise huddle together. The pains may spread from the epigastrium to the back, the interspaces and the flanks. Foreign study cannot be too highly commended, but not for every man nor without conditions.

In one community I heard this:"Nurses watch the clock too closely; they think too much about money-making; they have a strong labor union." Again it was said:"Nurses are too selective about their work." One individual who had employed many nurses said:"I would not want to have a training school if I released such material as we must needs sometimes put up with." In one town I"Nurses have no moral standing in this community." If these charges are true the subject of this paper should be Recalling the lines of James Brinsley Sheridan, hanging on my wall at home:"Believe not each accusing tongue, But still believe that story wrong I shall discount these facts that have been published, and consider that nurses are an asset to every community; and such an asset as no one else in the community can be. I made him lie on the left side, and about an inch below the ribs, where I could palpate the dense organ, close to the skin, I pushed in my needle, nearly two inches long. The ijatient is, in a word, that intelligent, directed, and controlled behavior This automatic character of this patient's actions is well illustrated in his walking. He convalesced within a week, and in ten days resumed his work: uses. To us the past is a thing to look back upon, not with regret, not as something which has been lost never to be regained, but with content, as something whose influence is with us still, helping us on our further way. The superior relative importance of the digestive organs in the animal economy is further illustrated by the fact, that the existence of parts of them may be traced in the early stages of the foetus, long before any rudiment of the spinal marrow, brain, or heart, can be detected.

Unless especially provided for as a group, the child of pre-school age should be included in the infant welfare program. The affection at first seemed like a low form of an ascending neuritis, but afterwards the symptoms were more general. Samuel Alexander, of New ou York. The address to the graduates was made by Dr. I have seen many patients in the clinic of Gordon Holmes with a pin sticking in the tip of the nose to which they were entirely unconscious. Handicap championship: All players are requested to obtain their handicap from home club and present it with par score for home course.


Some microbes he classified as injurious to man and others as beneficial. The question to be determined next was: Does the causation of the changes observed belong to the accelerator-nerves of the heart, to the cardio-inhibitorj' centre nerves, or to the vaso-motor centre nerves? Sections of pneumogastrics, cord and sympathetic were done to solve this query. The composition fluid was difficult to withdraw from the ventricles. The disease continued for a year: and in of hunger did not depend upon extraordinary secretion of gastric juice producing a rapid di:ood was usually rejected soon ad been swallowed, but whether without passing, or after having passed into the duodenum, it is impossible to say.

It was moved that the report of the Editorial Committee be accepted. Galippe, who shows that the evils from salicylic, especiallv that of its producing anaphi-odia, are not so more cases of infectious diseases of any kind during the night, except for payment in cash and upon receipt of the prescription." has earned the gi-atitude of the barbers and added to the popularity of shaving, by reporting two cases of syphilis communicated by razors. It is unnecessary to state that under these conditions it is not strange that relapses are frecjuent (tablet). The sudden suspension of this work has called out anew the demand of the City Hospital trustees for downtown emergency stations. We do not know how long the diffuse toxic goiter must be controlled with thiouracil before a prolonged remission may be expected. Large sloughs of the parts in the mouth are very common.

This is an interesting commentary upon the James-Lange theory of emotion, which has been so hotly contested by psychologists who have never troubled to put the matter to experimental proof. M., Jr Wadesboro Hamphill, Clyde H.