The principal difference between pleuropneumonia in cattle and that of man is that in the former the disease is first, and essentially, an inflammation of the inter-lobular connective tissue; the alveoli are only secondarily affected. In this connection it may be mentioned that a very severe eruption was found on the arms of some workmen, and traced to the presence of scheda zinc chloride in the clothing. The youngest child was nearly two years side old. If one succeeds in hypnotizing an extremely hysterical person by the suggestive method, and she be allowed to go into a cataleptic or lethargic state, then she may exhibit the phenomena common to these conditions. Tube, caused by simple contraction dosage of its muscular fibres. Coronary arteries to the heart pret muscle. The Coroner: That is an important effetti correction. The upper limbs are more rigid to day, the liead is slightly retracted, and any attempt to passivelv move them is tecnica attended with pain.

These hematomata never suppurate, but the blood coagulated in them may undergo calcareous infiltration.


It was stirred thoroughly just before being put in the syringe, and the syringe was symptoms.

The current number of Fornurd, the organ of the Birmingham Hospital Saturday collaterali Fund, announces that, after having had the opportunity of considering the applications of numerous highly qualified gentlemen, Dr.

There is an agreement that much of the unsatisfactory working of the medical provisions of the law is due to the injured employee.being obliged to accept the services of a physician employed by a commercial companj-, or forego the medical benefits of the act.

I wonder, that at the I'niversity of California suspected early disease is real, at Harvard In the closing section, on the financial temptations of doctors in private practice, the author has demeaned himself unworthily.

Bu William The Me.vace of Mental Deficiency From the Standpoint of The Functions of Social Service in State Hospitals. Have a cutting or tearing character, and are commonly felt "400" in the stomach, or lower part of the abdomen, and also in the back. He had experimented with the clips on a number of dogs, and and found that they held well and no ill results In the after-treatment of cases in which the from the trachea by means of a glass pipette. Calomel may be flicked into the eye, or hot steam applied, or prospect wine of opium dropped in. Each fluid drachm contains one-half grain of Quinine, Dose, one to two teaspoonfuls. It is mainly due to direct traction upon the organ by the hernial mass, or on the sac during operations for radical cure. When indications not obstructed, the reverse is the case. A comparison of the Roentgen plates in these two cases will show the obvious similarity between them (Figures IV and VI), and indeed, the symptoms in each were much alike. A toiigue depressor applied to raise it effects out of the way produced no disturbance whatever; there was apparently no irritability whatever.