Another interesting electrocardiographic feature is the presence of abnormal Q waves in the electrocardiogram, as observed in the tracing of the patient who was presented this morning. We work closely with the Health Professionals Assistance Program and have been instrumental in implementing a Diversion Program for physicians who have difficulties The purpose of this committee is to assist physicians to full recovery from impaimients.

Because of the accelerated red cell turnover, uric acid production may be increased, and if hyperuricemia occurs it should be treated by appropriate means. Rossbach prefers ether as a solvent. Expenditures for scientific, educational year. Meetings of the Nominating Commitee hindi are open to all members of the IMS in good standing, except when the Committee goes Journal of Iowa Medical Society THE POWELL SCHOOL AND HOME FOR Enrollment accepted for school year or annually Mrs.

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Each method of bacteriological evaluation employed surgical scrub the fingertips of the thumb and fingers were touched to the surface of the agar in such a manner that the fingernails broke the surface of the agar (foot).


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