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As soon as the digestive system is in proper condition they are placed upon an easily assimilated ferruginous tonic.

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Those who do, use liquor plus potassa, diluted somewhat Dr. Disinfection of the bowel either by means of listerine or boric acid, taken internally, or enemata were considered in many cases to be remarkably successful.

Abnormal origin of the vessels seems to indicate a congenital condition, while simple lengthening of them does not prove the mobility to be other than an acquired state.

For the "uses" poisonous sting of gnats, bees, wasps, and other insects, a piece of lint, wetted in the pure extract of lead, is all that is necessary to cure one or the other.

The question then arose, was the diseased condition limited to the movable kidney? if so, then an operation for its removal might be justified, but should the other kidney prove also to be involved, operative interference was out of the question. Such a work is especially valuable to students.

Side - after using these you will never again go back to the crude preparations. Tattersall, William James, Bacup, Lancashire. And Treatment of Childbeil I Woodbury's Practice of Medicine. The treatment of this disease should vary, according to the conditions present In the fint stage a full, bounding puke is an indication for While I do no' believe.that a weak pulse or feeble circulation contra indicates veratrum, I think quinine and strychnine tablet should be added I almost invariably use calomel in the begioning of pneumonia as a defibrinizer, aid laige draughts of water to promote diaphoresis. IV: Determination of residual amount of Sumithion and some of its metabolites Effect of temperature and humidity on the toxicity and persistence of parathion, malathion and DDT in adipose tissue of animals and birds.

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