We have got to get out of the difficulty in some way, or the problem has got to solve itself. WiTJiiN twelve months, British medical literature exclusion has been enriched by a couple of original monographs on hernia of the ovary, written by two writers of great authority. It can not, therefore, be admitted that the diminution of the oxidative phenomena of the organism, regarded by some authors as consecutive to phosphorus poisoning, can be attributed to a direct action of the poison upon the oxidizing ferments. THE HISTORY OF HYGIENE IN MODERN EGYPT, in which he discussed the methods of hygiene as practiced by the Egyptians under the Viceroy Mohammed All and under the Khedive Tewfik Pasha, and as influenced by English dominion; to this he added some critical remarks and practical suggestions. In order that we may more fully comprehend the bearing of the subsequent remarks, it wiH be necessary to fix in our minds the nerves by which plusgirot the stomach is supplied and the sources from whence they are derived. The jaundice was of "routing" mild type. The patients live many years and often have no great inconvenience except from cough, expecl oration, and dyspna-a upcm exertion. Ontario Medical Journal Printing Co., and I did not think it. I will now ask the members present whether they desire that these gentlemen should retire from the room. He then placed a thermometer in my mouth, which he afterward consulted in connection with the card. Even the igno rant sterile women could see "tablet" that, if this theorj- of causation were true, there was an easy and plain theorj- of cure; and they could also see that the failure of the so-called cure was prejudicial to, if not destructive of, the theory. It cannot be accotmted for as in Edinburgh by putting on the card"Xo immediate attention necessary," or"no interference required." Such extra information is unrecognised, unless when the doctor writes a is a post-card, addressed, on the one side, to the Medical Officer of visited, either by myself or a trained inspector, and a printed form filled up, which gives particulars about school, milk-supply, occupation of parent, probable source of infection, and sanitary state of At the same time, printed instructions are given to the householder as to the isolation of the patient, technical and the proper use of disinfectants; also, what penalties are incurred by breaking the sanitary laws. During the fastigium if the four cardinal sjTnptoms of sub-continuous high temperature, slow bic pulse in proportion to the temperature, enlarged spleen, and rash are present the nature of the malady is beyond question. But there can, I think, be no doubt that sterility is often cured; and such cases as the following do all but absolutely prove that cure is possible, and the sufficiency of the proof will not be controverted by anyone if it is added that such eases, though rare, arc sufficiently numerous to prevent dream by tlieir number, apart from their other circumst.ances, the confusion of a coincidence with a consequence. The pathology of STATE MEDICAL SOCIETY OF WISCONSIN. Iban - but, in the case I will lay before you, the haimatinuria only occurred for a few days in every four weeks: so that the term"intermittent" or" paroxysmal" is hardly appropriate, and I have designated it recurrent or remittent, as I think one of those terms conveys the peculiar nature of the case better than the others mentioned. Every Member who may be appointed, at any meeting, to fill the place of either of the Secretaries, shall, after discharging the customary duties of the latter, for the time specified in his appointment, arrange and deliver over to the proper incumbent, so soon thereafter as may be convenient, the records, or a copy of them, as the case may be, and other papers belonging to the department of such Secretary (bank). Allen believes that "medicine" under this management early instituted and rigorously carried out severe diabetes mellitus would rarely develop and the type would in most instances continue to be mild. The ura?mia of acute nephritis disappears with recovery from the renal condition; that of the chronic forms may be tran.sient and recurrent. Even specifications accepting the percentages as they are placed.before us, what do they show.' They show that, before the last warrant appeared, which made commissions in the British portion of the Army Medical Service much more valuable than they had previously been in pay. Collapse of the lungs was consequently a real danger. For this reason the early differential diagnosis between this disease and spasmodic laryngitis is not, in all instances, possible. Brain substance is not Incision into left lateral ventricle shows the ventricle to be enlarged and filled with thick greenish pus, similar to that noticed at the base. As nearly all the oftices in the building are occupied with very good tenants, and the walls and ceilings are in very good condition, the walls in landing and stairs take away tlie effect. General hygienic and dietetic measures are as a rule more efficacious. Per kilo, of animal is administered beneath the dura.


The gall-bladder hold, the same relation to the common duct that the anterior longitudinal A nice question may arise, to be decided when a consider whether he can successfully break up all constricting binds and prevent their recurrence, whereas a gastro-enterostomy in addition may cause complete relief of the symptoms. CHEMISTRY, WITH SPECIAL REFERENCE TO THE CONSTITUTION OF CHEMICAL COMPOUNDS. Can we make any practical use of the facts before us? Will the administration of hippurates or benzoates prove of any practjcaj value in the treatment of the different forms of diseases connected with the uric acid diathesis? list Can a diet be devised which will assimilate to some extent the urine of man to that of the herbivorous mammal? These are questions of no little importance to us and to a young student, I read a paper before the Chemical Society, which was published in their Transactions and in the PhUosopMcal Magazine for that year. Occasionally, however, it plusgiro has occurred as late as the age of majority, and even io advanced life.