Jack Geist who will have full-time private practice in Milwaukee. No one could tell how many more substances were present krem in the adrenals that were of as great im.portance as adrenalin, or in the thyroid as thyroidin, or in the pituitary as pituitrin. In the most rebellious a slight rose coloration remained at the site of the former patches ibuact after eight injections. Therefore, foods proper when mixed in the stomach or bowels with fruit or vegetable juices utilize the best and bulk of the latter's curative constituents, which are intended to nullify or modify the objectionable or poisonous by-products that have formed and accumulated in your tissues. Grissom that he recognized insanity only as mental impairment prodooad by a disease of the brain, and did not believe ia a moral or an emotional insanity existing without a diseased brain, the physical basis of all mental faculties, and that his opinion was, that the prisoner snfFered from ordinary insanity with delusions, the opinion being based upon the family history of the prisoner and his own history.

Such restriction had been detrimental in England, and they should exercise all vigilance in preventing it here. Thereafter she was given desiccated "ingredients" extract of pancreas, and it was found that her carbohydrate tolerance was somewhat increased, though not so much as in some of the other cases. The hospital, when completed, will The Coney Island Branch of the Kings County of Tulane University recently inaugurated tiie custom of holding an"Alumni Week", at which clinics and demonstrations were held for the benefit of graduates of the school and other medical men. If the wound of entrance is dependent, drainage may be secured by keeping this open.

The symptoms were a violent itching, and general erethism so as to prevent sleep, hoarseness, a diminution of the voice, and an inability of sucking.


For a longer or shorter period the coordination of a greater or smaller number of associations is destroyed.

Wo come not to write of these things for we trust that we will do more for humanity than ever maiden kiss or Druid rite could accomplish by calling the attention of the profession to the virtues of this parasite. We missed the FREI TEST on the Micro Is this a tort or contract case?"The second pulmonary embolus may kill the pt. Thus benefits past and present are revealed as one. This phase separation gives rise to iiou-unifonii distribution of cells in blood vessels. Yon may have read the last part of tlie last chapter of Selma Lagerlof's"Saga," where she tells of little Raster, who went as a drummer boy at the marched into Germany and who could never weary of telling stories of that wonderful land in the south. Rock, Ark., and ordered to uses proceed to Des Moines, la., for special temporary duty. However, the nagging dissatisfaction with the necessity for parenteral administration and a growing body of evidence that all types of diabetes mellitus may not be due to insulin deficiency has led to a continuous search for agents as sulfadiazine and sulfisomidine. The acid solution in itself is non-irritating, and perhaps acts by its anti-fermcntive properties, thus preventing the splitting up of urea; but should decomposition take place, the acid will unite with the ammonium and thus protect the tissues from the harmful product.

This phenomenon had recurred on numerous occasions during the previous year.

And liquids of the animal economy, and also in many plants; it occurs in minute quantities in urine, also ibuactive in guano. I want to thank solaray you very much for your helpfulness.

Practically the increase in oxyproteinic acid excretion might be considered as a symptom of cancer.

Technologies originally intended for the hospital are transferred to primary health care centers, often without analyses of effects.

SPEAKER CALLAN: The Chair would like to call attention to the fact that there are now two Introduced by: Milwaukee County Medical Society Whereas, the Council on Medical Education and Hospitals of the American Medical Association has been unable to recommend to the House of Delegates an effective and equitable plan of integration of the medical internship into the spectrum of medical education and hospital operation, and Whereas, the education value of the medical internship has been open to serious question and much difference of opinion among physicians interested in Whereas, the Council on Medical Education and Hospitals has permitted a substantial discrepancy to develop between the number of approved internships and the number of available interns, and Whereas, most physicians in private medical practice consider the methods now employed by the Council on Medical Education and Hospitals to reduce this discrepancy as alien to the best interests of the graduate medical student, the public, and the American Medical Association, now therefore, be it Resolved that the State Medical Society of Wisconsin through its representatives in the House of Delegates urge the American Medical Association to direct the Council on Medical Education and Hospitals to continue approval of all internships Millas report is submitted and implemented by the American Medical Association, and be it further Resolved that the House of Delegates establish immediately an appeal mechanism whereby decisions of the Council relative to internship approval (or disapproval, or other status) may be reviewed.