Is influenced by the general muscular tone of the individual. Therapeutically, local applications of silver nitrate judiciously made have a marked tendency to promote absorption in such tissues as are capable of undergoing this process; to induce healing; to limit and abate the catarrhal process; to destroy skin parasites, though not very searchingly; and to neutralize the virulence of specifically noxious pus. To avoid this, after performing Wolfler's typical gastroenterostomy, Rutkowski makes an opening in the stomach a few centimeters above the fistula and inserts a dr.ainage tube according to Witzel's permits free drainage of the stomach-contents and in this way favors recovery.

This work was placed in charge of a noncommissioned officer under the tab supervision of the chief clerk. Credit given based on time and quality of work. A solution of water, will answer the same purpose, but requires to remain longer in contact with the material to be disinfected. Intra-epithelial plexuses and terminations occur as in other stratified epithelium. Of course, in cases of extreme exhaustion, or when primary efforts at division and dilatation of the stricture (with or without a shortening of the working route by an external esophagotomy), are unsatisfactory, a gastrostomy should be done. The way for this step, however, was prepared bj' Schroeder, who repeatedly asserted that the welting-in of the peritoneum was not only unnecessary, but also a source of danger, that best union could be effected b)' the juncture of the cut edges of the peritoneum. The size of objects may be estimated by the position of the grasping hand and fingers, this being made possible by the muscular sense.

It increased in size so rapidly that it was determined to operate at once. Paper on Polio-myelitis Anterior Acute, in which he related cases showing the difficulty in diagnosis often experienced, and the inutility of most forms of treatment. There was no abdominal tenderness, but the pain was agonizing. The pigmentation of the lungs produced by the inhalation of any sort of metallic dust, but strictly it should refer to the deposition of iron pigment alone in any of the tissues of the body. Immediately after operation the patient's legs were cold, but sensation was little disturbed and motion not much impaired. We think the fact that one of his confreres, of recognized skill both as a surgeon and experimenter, has given a more accurately scientific statement of this whom we owe probably the most on this subject. Round tl:e angles t f a uses irench. There is no conclusive evidence that antitoxin induces or increases the tendency to heart-failure. The treatment is influenced by the social condition of the patient, but no case should be submitted to a routine treatment consisting of extension, injection, operation, as one or the other fails. The view telescope moves in a graduated arc, and cross-lines in the field enable it to be brought to exact position with any line.

It has been with no little interest that I have looked upon the first of such certificates issued in the West, which reads: his studies I am fully convinced that lie is well qualified to practise Daniel Drake, the first medical student in the" Interior Valley of the Mississippi," the first to cross the mountains whose life and labors are among the glories of American The years in which the original building of our College was occupied were those when schools were being established in considerable number, many of them in small towns in sparsely settled districts.


By this means officers can be classified after the three months' military training has been given and heal those showing special qualifications can be given careful instruction in special professional schools. The pain of Pott's disease is not localized, because the nerve filaments that supply the bodies of the vertebra? are insignificant parts of nerves that are distributed to sides of the body, and to these parts the pain is referred. Well jnarkeil tubular or even cavernous breathing is heard on auscultation in those cases where nuirked retraction is present, together witli bronchophony and pectoriloquy: tablet. Muscular sensibility plus is the power of feeling in relation with muscular acts. The personnel was selected from among those nurses who had infla proved themselves professionally and physically fit for duty in the cantonments in this country. All spectacles afford some degree of protection against mechanical injury, and in certain trades it is only by the use of special protectives that the liability to grave'accidents to the eyes can be averted.