In gastric cases with decided irritability it is best given in suspension, not as a gummy emulsion, but in the form of a mixture to be made at the bed side by stirring from two to ten drops of oil of turpentine in an ounce or two of water well A woman in Toronto who is over sixty baby girl. I asked her how she could- have as large a thing as that attached to her womb and not know it. In unconscious or delirious patients, the onset of this disease will be marked by increased fever, more active delirium, restlessness and appearance of great suflfering, The constitutional condition, too, will show by the marked depression of the patient that some added burden has been laid on the system already weakened by disease. The course of the disease is apt to be protracted on account of the burrowing of pus within the effects deep tissues of the neck, and the difficulties met with in securing efficient Treatment. When you reach your patient pulseless, cold, and wet, with his voice a whistling whisper, his eyes sunk back in their sockets, his face blue, and his fingers like a washerwoman's (only more livid), I do not believe that hot saline enemata will have any good effect, if solely trusted to.

When the inflammatory symptoms arising from the opening of the tumor had ceased, creosote water was injected experimentally.

QjLiarantine in our own country is conceded to be very complex, ineffectual and defective. As a result of the intraluminal changes, there is stimulation of the development of collateral vessels. Hut contagiousness is sufficiently slight that even there epidemics are quite readily and avoidance of gros.s contact is adequate to prevent infection'I'he conditions of iirniy or naval garrisons, sliips and camp, and especially in time of war, provide just the re(iuisife "iso" conditions for the frequent direct and intimate contact of individuals with the resultant epidemic proportions as soon as the virus is introduced. It is beyond importance of using great care in procuring specimens in their studies related to biopsy from the cervix uteri.

Pottier reports three cases of hay fever treated by this means in the four, de Med, de Paris, He gave the remedy in doses of ten centigrammes, or one and one-half grains.


The heart produced is of condition which may, perhaps, give little uneasiness to its owner, but which a medical man will view with considerable distrust and apprehension. They have never, we believe, been republished in America. From this point on About the twelfth day a small collection of pus was detected in the scrotum. The recognition of the amount a man has invested in his job, in his company, and in his relationship with his supervisor becomes important in the consideration of new job assignments for It also becomes obvious that an awareness of major events outside the job in the life of an employe can be of considerable importance to the management of his company. Report of Reference Committee on Medical paign on Pending Federal Legislation; Informing Public About Legislation Medical Society, were combined because we felt they had the same thought in mind except that Resolved, that the Medical Society of the State to inform physicians and the public about some of the dangerous aspects of pending Federal legislation; Resolved, that this campaign be implemented by the Subcommittee on Federal Legislation of the Council Committee on Legislation with the assistance of the Communications Department; and to the Subcommittee on Federal Legislation to carry The reference committee recommends approval of this combined resolution. Regarding the appearance of the posterior urethra after appropriate treatment had been instituted for some time, it was noticed that in the picture generally found associated with the fibrous vesicles but little change urethroscopicallv took place; the atrophic grayish white caput remained practically unchanged. A similar rank and equal consideration are what we ask for the healing science and practice. Butler Thwing (Boston: Lothrop, Lee revised edition. In other cases the submaxillary or cervical cellular tissues become primarily infected, the pathogenetic micro-organisms gaining entrance from the mouth by a carious 20 tooth or fissure in the mucous membrane, by the tonsil or pharynx, and causing a hard swelling under the tongue and a localised hard, brawny infiltration beneath the jaw hitherto commonly named angina Ludovici but in its eventual course spreading to the pharynx or larynx, or to other regions of the neck, and ending in resolution, or more usually in suppuration; whilst in the worst cases gangrene may ensue. Commissioner Lyon reviewed the evidence taken before the deputy commissioner showing that the deceased had worked in the electrotype part of the Star plant or in similar establishments for years; that in so doing he clipped the lead off the edges of the plates with a long pair of shears, and that he and other men engaged on like work were continuously cutting and scratching their hands from the lead. It may be briefly described as follows: Add a certain j proportion of blood serum from a patient! suffering from well-developed typhoid fever! to a bouillon culture, or watery emulsion of typhoid bacillus; and, in from thirty minutes to several hours flocculi, or clumps, will have formed throughout the mixture and fallen to the bottom as a granular sediment, leaving the overlying fluid more or j less clear. For major operations a gem-mi anaesthetic is required, whilst for minor operations local anaesthesia is usually sufficient except in nervous "side" children. However, if it is to be primarily educational, then I do not believe there is a that there are too many approved internships.