I have been surprised tc delivery read from time to time in some of affair. We hear of a diagnosis (sic) of cancer of the stomach being made by the x-ray, and the patient The diagnostic assumptions of certain exponents of the x-ray must be carefully checked b.v the clinician and the surgeon. There is always a question of an incipient stage of mental disease, or there may come to light in a suspected case of this kind, an early epilepsy, which at present is showing no other symptom except mental traits, such as cruelty to animals or playmates, and no amenability to authority of any ronstituiional Inferior. On the third day the bandage was removed: the wounds were then healed; the foot did not follow the movements of the upper end of the tendon. Our correspondent is informed Hud passing an examination. Sex is very possibly the most dominant of our instincts and it is really inborn "ketodol" in the child.

Small's group no salicylates were given, nor delivered sedatives, simply the serum treatment. Serum was given intravenously on several occasions (keto). The Jamaica, however, has a reddish cuticle, and is frequently covered with minute fibres, whence its names" red," and" bearded;" whilst the Vera Cruz and Lima are more slender, and scantily furnished with these appendages. At the same time the alternative seemed to be, on the one hand, the danger of tolerating houses, and, on the other, that of soldiers meeting in the public streets with women who made their living in that way who were unregistered, and would not give the men the Under Secretary of State for War, Mr. The an.xious mother, though her daug-hter was rather better on the whole, could not stay away from London, for the bowels became relaxed. BOSTON MEDICAL AND SURGICAL JOURNAL any failure in absorption being secondary to this, or of a decreased capacity of absorption independent of the quahty of digestion, or of a combination of both conditions. As compared with drowning, automobile, and nowadays aeroplane accidents, the figures given this year are almost negligible. Spallanzani, however, bj- a number of very ingenious and varied experiments, principally upon frogs, has refuted this idea of the aura seminalis. They guess from the nature of the books you order, and from that time on you are a marked man. And all books for review, should be addressed to the Editor of the Boston Medical and Surgical Journal, should be addressed to the undersigned.

Its pleura is slightly thickened and presents an appearance similar to that described for the parietal pleura, though the process on posterior border, and extending from there up to the jjoint of the entrance of the bronchi and larger vessels, there are irregular masses of firmer tissue, in general grayish or pinkish-gi-ay in color, not sharply circura BOSTON MEDICAL AND SURGICAL JOURNAL scribed from suiTounding lung tissue. It was impossible to doubt that the vas deferens had been inflamed throughout its whole extent. They showed that the rectal temperatures in each case remained unchanged by the exercise or showed only a very slight rise or fall; whereas the temperature of the This is shown more fully in the following tables: Patients with cardiac insufficiency show, then, after physical exertion, which in such cases, on account of the diminished reserve strength, can only be slight, no diminution, but often on the other hand marked inacasc in the temperature difference between rectum and hand as evidence of the insufficiency of the affectetl lieart, for the cooHng of the extremities means nothing other than an insufficiency of the circulation; that is to say, a diminution in the blood supply to the part Since this reaction seems to increase with the severity of the cardiac insufficiency, we may, other things being equal, lietermine from the temperature differences the degree of cardiac impairment present, either with the patient at rest Finally, to show the effects upon the circulation of treatment of a broken compensation, the following case is quoted. It may be w ell to state, that in the use of this application some manag'ement is requisite. The writer considers the x-ray of the utmost value in gastro-enterology and believes that no case should be diagnosed as cancer of the gut Swan, J. I believe that the exclusion of insane and mentally defective immigrants is an absolutely necessary task, but it should be performed humanely and kindly and, at every step, the safety and comfort of a particularly helpless class of immigrants should be carefully considered. These are all the modifications of vertex presentations which it is worth while to enumerate, and I dare say you think they are sufficiently' numerous; but to distinguish them is important, not for the mere object of theoretical disquisition, but in regard also to the conduct of the case. The leaflet has a separate paragraph on joint, bone cases, and tendon transplantation. Fellowship in Cardiology of the Pennsylvania Hospital, and the report was otherwise, attempts at therapy will fail in many cases that might sachet well he benefited. Careful examination failed to reveal any of the well recognized causes, and upon eystoscopic examination by Dr. Just as an illustration that the geneial practitioner does not always know how to handle a case from the psychologic view point, he cited the following case: etc., but had not been able to make her stop crying: tab.

Once took money and denied it although it was found among her things.

There is no social medicine service supervision provided and in emergency cases none could be instituted.