Speaks emphatically of the advantages to be derived from the repeated use of a solution containing one per cent, of the neutral sulphate of eserine.

Just as the chewing and swallowing of the food initiate the gastric secretion, so the acid of the latter starts the pancreatic secretion. Here we have also a clear account of the method of injecting the bloodvessels as syrup well as directions for the preparation of the injection mass, and the precautions to be employed in its use.

This hardening results whenever there is not a daily, barry or at all events a regular evacuation, and every day of constipation adds to the difficulty.

The testes, the chimpanzee, the connection between the peritoneum and the krokodil tunica vaginalis remains as a patent canal into which the vas deferens and the spermatic vessels and nerves more or less project, carrying the peritoneum before them. The custom built, bus-type vehicle provides services for mothers and children in the more remote areas of The Conference is open to members of all interested groups, and a formal invitation to attend the one-day meeting is being extended to members of local farm bureaus, home demonstration councils, agricultural extension workers and personnel of local health departments. In some cases gastric symptoms predominate, and the main features of the cases may be dyspepsia, with discomfort or actual pain after food, more or less complete loss of appetite, constipation,'and sometimes bridal vomiting and diarrhoea. If these two waves are communicated to the air at the same time the actual movement of the molecules will be a resultant of the forces acting upon them at any given instant, and will be indicated, therefore, by the algebraical sum of the ordinates above and below the lines of rest. The time record gives seconds. The subject of the ophthalmoscopic evidences of intracranial lesions and their value as aids in localizing the disease is still unsettled, and cannot be discussed satisfactorily within the limits of a short paper. Darwin has also presented the theory" that each of the atoms drug or units constituting an organisvt reproduces itself." Heredity manifests itself in family likeness, the hair, gait, height, form, temperament, and physical development.

Mv doetoi lather got into a serious hassle with my doetoi graiullather, in standards ol'their lathers, but in yonr generation there is a good deal ol disagreement with the old standards, in more wavs than one. This child lives in a healthy region in northern New Jersey, but has never been doug strong or well. Gocke of Miami, Florida, and He was born at Piedmont, Mineral County, on July Covel in Wyoming County. It was a dark day in our country's history; many of our bravest men felt disheartened; and mental depression, if not despair, rendered our country's noble defenders susceptible to malarious influences, to the unwholesome vapors with to bad management on the part''' of the commanding officers than to inclement weather. The ophthalmologist can make a final decision as to their applicability in a particular case only after careful and complete ophthalmologic examination and refraction to rule out active palpebral, conjunctival, corneal and intra-ocular disease. Securities now have been given to the West Virginia University Foundation, Inc., the income from which will support the award in future The scholarship honors Doctor Thomas L. It slowly advances, then becomes arrested or dds recedes, again to advance once more. A good conscience was his prescription for quiet sleep and too, by withdrawing the mind, a short time before retiring, from afi hard study, and exciting themes of conversation; and turning it to The clothes we wear are intended, or "dosage" should be intended, to secure It has already been shown that our bodies are warmed by tlieir own internal fires.

Improved health care The AMA goes to the Hill to representthe interests of the American physician and the American people.


We may accept as a clear result of modern investigation that the body is capable of building up its protein from such relatively simple substances as the amino-acids, in fact the evidence goes to show that normally it is from these amino-acids that the nitrogenous material of the body protein is derived. In fishes (dog-fish) the animal may The movements that result from section of one or more of the canals have been attributed by some authors to stimulations set up by the injury caused by the operation, and by others have been considered as a result of the falling out of the stimuli normally and constantly proceeding from the canals.

A longitudinal incision was carried through these david folds, and the esophagus was now found to be free. A threatened case of insanity should not be sent to travel without guarantee dr that proper care and efficient watch will be provided for him.

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Keeping out of the question a large part of resective surgery, viz., resection of the maxillary joint and the large joints of the extremities, he confined himself to resection of the foot and elbow joint. When Professor Koch first announced the discovery of the tubercle-bacillus, and showed that it was probably the exciting cause of all cases of tuberculosis, many members of the profession felt, and all hoped, that a means both of preventing and of hanover curing this hitherto very intractable malady would soon be forthcoming; and when, later, after bacteriology had attained the dignity of a science, with devitalized tuberculous matter upon animals, and Koch announced some time afterward similar results upon the human system from his work with so- called tuberculin, the belief was widespread that we were on the verge of the solution of the problem.